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Re: I present to you the .........
Old 03-16-2011, 09:38 AM
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Default Re: I present to you the .........

Paul's (Hoskins for clarity), looking into a "BIG bore" is even more shocking than my 'simplistic' search.

All sounds good to me Paul. I think the narrow spread is partially a function of the long barrel and the fact that the charge has been increased by a factor of about 2.4 (8.5/3.5=2.4) and the projectile weight by a factor of 2 (500/250=2). All together, I think those factors make for more "stability" in internal ballistics.

Always trying to surprise you, Don. Actually, most of my "complicated" shenanigans are grounded in four goals:
1) Exercise my machining skills,
2) Get something I want the way I want it,
3) Prove that the hare-brained idea I have will actually work in practice not just on paper, and

The Secret Squirrel as a good example:
First, I needed a cartridge for the little Favorite action I bought. To find that cartridge, I had to learn about the limitations of that action.
Second, armed with the hands-on knowledge of the action, I had to find a cartridge that could actually be useful and not beat the little action up. I have loads of milsurp 8mm take-off barrels on hand and the original caliber of the Favorite was at least close to 8mm, so 8mm was the choice for 'experimentation' (complicated).
Third, I decided to delve into the realm of "subsonic". That meant that the standard 8x57 case was really just too big. Too much "air" in the combustion chamber. Which meant "wildcat".
Finally, a "wildcat" provided the vehicle for extending my machining skills and experience.

Armed with the knowledge gained from the 'complicated', I could move to what I like, which is simple.

22Hornet - The 50 Alaskan didn't escape my consideration. That extra 0.054" of diameter, (0.512 - 0.458 = 0.057), means some decent gains in weight. However, on a general level, we're still talking about a 'wildcat', and on the specific - I built that rifle primarily for one purpose - hunting buffalo in Alaska. Here, I won't have the 'luxury' that the market shooters of the 19th Century had of naive animals and as many shots as I can get away with. I am going to have to make that first - and maybe 300-yd - shot count.

That's not to say that the 50 Alaskan (also a very popular buffalo cartridge of the market shooters of the 19th Century in the form of the 50-70), wouldn't be an excellent choice. In fact, I'm going to see how long (heavy) a bullet I can make in the swage I made for making the jacketed bullets. I might be able to get up into the 750-grain vicinity.

A 16-gauge shotgun and the Flying Beer Keg remain high on the 'to do' list. But then I'm back to 'complicated' again.

Be nicer than necessary.

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8mm, 8mm max, 8x.357 max, wildcat

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