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Range Report - .358 Steyr - .17 Predator - Anschutz Hornet - 8mm-08 - Riedl
Old 08-13-2015, 01:00 AM
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Default Range Report - .358 Steyr - .17 Predator - Anschutz Hornet - 8mm-08 - Riedl

I'm going to put the report for all of these rifles in one thread. With the tags, any individual rifle's record can be found here.

I think I'll start with the order in which I shot them, which means the 8mm-08 is first.

I set the target at 40 yards for zeroing the scope(s) on all the rifles that needed zeroing. Since I was zeroing the 8mm-08, I decided to use the two Hornady 125s to get zeroed. Here's the picture:

You can see the two annotated "125 Horn" holes.

The first shot was tough to extract and the primer was seriously flattened. (2988 f/s)

The second shot I had to beat the bolt (charging handle) open and the primer pocket was 'blown'. (3069 f/s) Hmm... ("Beating" the bolt open is not as big a deal on an AR as it is on a turn-bolt action because the charging handle doesn't have the leverage - by a long shot - that a rotating bolt handle has.) That was all of the 125s, so there was no consideration of shooting another.

I loaded a 136-grain ANVB. Didn't even hit the paper. (3012 f/s) Hmm... Difficult extraction and flattened primer.

Shot another. Didn't hit the paper - 18" wide and 30" high - at 40 yd. (3041 f/s). Grr... No more of those.

Loaded the ones I was really interested in; the Speer 200-grain Hot-Cor. Lowest charge of 48.5 grains of Reloder-17. QuickLOAD predicted muzzle velocity of 2566 f/s. You can see the point of impact at 40 yd. It's between the two 125-grain bullet holes. MV = 2406 f/s, BUT... flattened primer and tough extraction.

Upon very close examination of the last three cases I noticed a VERY slight indication of constriction at the case mouth; about a sixteenth of an inch. The case mouth was getting jammed into the lands. When cutting the chamber, and when setting headspace, I dropped a case into the chamber. PLENTY of room. When testing the fit of reloaded ammo, it was necessary to chamber a round using the AR's action. In other words, the bolt is driven forward by the recoil spring. There is no "feel" to it like you get with a bolt action bolt-fed round. That tiny little bit of jamming wasn't detectable. I'll have to lengthen the neck of the chamber by about 0.100-ish. Grr.... Shooting THAT rifle was over for the day.

Next up was the new Riedl in .17 Remington. http://thehunterslife.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18545
I was looking forward to shooting this rifle. First order of business was to get the scope bore-sighted. Hmm... It was about 20" high. I had to use up ALL of the elevation in the scope to bring it down to about 3" high at 40 yd. It was about 3" right. I had to use up ALL of the windage to get it centered - almost. . Since I was "close" to the point of aim, I decided to shoot it to see what it could do and get some MVs. Here's what those five shots looked like:

Note a couple of things:
1) Nothing to write home about as far as group size goes AT 40 YARDS.
2) Notice the "schmutz" near every hole. That's not paper tear or shadow, that's some kind of carbon deposit. ???
3) Notice the KEY-HOLES of shot numbers 1 and 3! AT 40 YARDS from a bullet doing on average 4045 f/s! The 'schmutz' worries me and the key-holing REALLY worries me. One explanation is that the rifling is so shallow or WORN that the bullets are "stripping" through it. That's bad.

There are some other "issues" with the Riedl.
1) If you don't throw the kocking lever ALL the way forward, the action doesn't kock even though you can chamber a round. The first shot I almost broke my finger trying to squeeze the trigger when it was loaded, but not kocked.
2) The spent case is not ejected, it is extracted. Therefore, you have to stick your finger in under the ocular bell of the 'scope to get your fingernail on the rim to remove the cartridge.
3) When removing the cartridge with your fingernail, the rear of the cartridge is pushed down into the hollow rearward of the block and catches on the rear of the action. You have to raise the block just a leetle bit in order to get the head over the hollow, but not so much that you bind the case in the chamber.
Instead of using your finger to extract the bullet, you can tip the muzzle up and let the case fall out, trying to hold the rifle and catch the falling case.

Not real happy with that rifle right now.

The end of shooting that rifle for today.

Next rifle, the .358 Steyr. (Read this thread http://thehunterslife.com/forums/sho...t=18475&page=2 and particularly post number 15.)

I was quite optimistic about shooting this rifle. I had loaded some Speer 220-grain Flat Nosed bullets ahead of 60.6 grains of Accurate 4064. First shot went fine. (2747 f/s - QL predicted: 2706 f/s.) Rotated bolt and extracted case. No case came out. COME ON! Fine. Close bolt and try to grab case again. No soap. FINE. I brought a cleaning rod for just such an occurrence. With the rifle in the Lead Sled I went to the muzzle ans inserted the cleaning rod. I had to fiddle it past the MagnetoSpeed and wasn't looking at the breech. The rod stopped. I slid it back and forth a couple of times 'knocking' it into the case head. Something didn't sound right. I looked at the breech. The bolt was open and the head of the case was in the bolt. It had been all along. There had been complete head separation. (Did you guys down in Australia feel it. According to the experts, the world should have ended or at least myself and everyone else at the rifle range should have been killed.) A few swear words were employed at this point. Try as I might, I couldn't extract the rest of the case. Done shooting that rifle for the day. Could very well be forever. There is a small chance that that particular piece of brass was ready to separate from all of the earlier "issues" with this rifle. It certainly wasn't virgin brass. I have to think about it. I MIGHT try ONE MORE TIME with this rifle, or I might just take a hammer to it. I have to sleep on it.

Next rifle.

The next rifle was the .17 Predator. Ahhh... Finally. Something that WORKED! I had been swapping 'scopes around and the Predator had a different 'scope on it from when I had shot it last, so I needed to get it sighted in. Went just like it is supposed to! Thank Goodness! I was beginning to feel snake-bit! Got it "on target" at 40 and produced these MVs - 4135, 4177, and 4128. I was smilin' Jack!

The Anschutz Model 54 .22 Hornet was one of the rifles I was playing musical 'scopes with, so it needed to be sigted in as well. I had brought 4 different cartridges for the Hornet:
1) Hornady 35-grain factory ammo,
2) My cast bullet reloads,
3) My reloads of some HPs sakorick sent me, and
4) Some 40-grain Prvi Partizan factory ammo.

I started with the Hornady factory ammo because it shot so well. MVs were 3024, 3024, and 3013 f/s. Here's what they looked like at 40 yd.

That was it for shooting at 40 yd. I moved the target to 100.

There was no reason to shoot anything but the Anschutz and the Predator. So I 'teed' the Anschutz up and fired 6 rounds. 3006, 3026, 3004, 3008, 3004, and 3021. For an average for the 10 shots of 3014 f/s and a standard deviation of only ~9 f/s.

Nothing to 'write home about', but not bad. I have no "explanations" for the spread. It simply is what it is.

I got the rest (5) of the HPs out. Sheesh. Here's the "good" news: 3166, 3219, 3238, 3240, 3270, 3205, 3291, 3211, and 3302 for an average of 3238 f/s and a standard deviation of ~44 f/s. Here's the "group":

Even without the "high flier" that's a pathetic "group". Certainly more of a pattern. More 'reloaded' humility coming. The cast bullets.

Their velocities were: 1431, 1440, 1224, 1375, and 1416 for an average of 1377 f/s with a standard deviation of ~89 f/s. Here's what they looked like:

And that's only three of the the five shots. The other two were lower AND LOWER on the target. I hate cast bullets.

Last for the Hornet were the as-yet-untried PPU factory 40-grainers. Here's their 5-shot (and one called flier), group at 100:

The MVs were: 2619, 2631, 2646, 2641, 2617, and 2574 for an average of 2621 f/s with a standard deviation of 26 f/s. The one flier - number 6 - is a 'called' flier. The Anschutz has a set trigger and I set the trigger then got distracted. When I came back to shooting I couldn't remember if I had set the trigger or not. I raised my head to 'think about it' and set the hair trigger off. I'm surprised it even hit paper. It wouldn't have if it hadn't been in the Lead Sled. Number 5 is just "off". No explanation.

I saved the Predator for last. I had a couple of rounds of different loads (the previous "fast" stuff) that I wanted to shoot separately. Then I started shooting the new loads of 19.9 grains of I4227. After I fired the first three of the "new" stuff, I had to break to let people go down range. By the time that was over, the afternoon wind had come up. Here are the two "hot shots" and the first three of the "rest" of them.

The "hot" ones were 4397 and 4325. The other three in this picture are 4128, 4125, and 4122. (Not bad spread, huh!) I shot the rest of the Predator ammo, and I thought I took a picture of it, but apparently not. I have the targets, so I'll take that picture tomorrow and post it. As I said, the wind had picked up, and the group spread out to about 2" wide and about 1" high. The overall average MV for the I4227 load was 4184 f/s with a standard deviation of ~55 f/s. I'm kinda likin' that load. I might have to 'fiddle' with it a bit.

The last picture tomorrow.


PS - The MagnetoSpeed didn't miss a SINGLE SHOT!


PPS - None of the Predator shots were taken from the Lead Sled. All were taken off the bipod only.

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.17 predator, .22 hornet, .358 steyr, 8mm-08, anschutz 54, hornet, range report, riedl

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