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Centerfire Pellet Gun
Old 03-27-2015, 01:24 PM
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Default Centerfire Pellet Gun

A few years back I bought a tin of .22 caliber "Predator" pellets for Jay Edwards - before asking him if he used them. He didn't. So, I have these high-fallootin' 16.2-grain, .22 caliber pellets with nothin' to do. Hmm... I wonder what they would do in the Hornet?

Since I have plastic "practice" cases and bullets for the .44 Mag and the .357, and all they use for propellant is the primer, I thought maybe the primer would be all that was needed to propel these little pellets out of the Anschutz. I primed some cases with the 7 1/2 Remington Bench Rest primers, flared the mouth of the case ever-so-slightly with a .25-20 depriming rod, seated a pellet by hand, and then crimped the mouth with the Lee Factory Crimp for the Hornet. Voila'

I strapped the MagnetoSpeed on the Anshutz, filled a half-gallon plastic milk jug with water and headed into the back yard to see what would happen when I pulled the trigger.

Not much.

Actually, in retrospect, I don't think the first pellet made it out of the barrel, as I didn't get a velocity reading. And I know the second one didn't because I looked. So, back inside to poke the pellet(s) out of the bore, remove the pellets from the three remaining cases, and 'do it again' only this time adding some powder. Bullseye seemed like a good choice.

When I ran a cleaning rod down the bore to push the pellet(s) out, there was only one in the bore, and its little red plastic tip was missing. What I think happened was that the first one didn't make it out either, and the force of the second one pushing air ahead of it forced the first one out the muzzle. Regardless, only one came out of the bore and the bore was clear.

The rifling marks can be seen on the skirt, and just barely on the front 'rim'. That front rim is 0.219" in diameter in an unfired pellet. That should mean that it is basically a "bore-riding" band, which in turn should mean greater precision. Lotsa 'schmutz' from the primer. It was in the barrel and on the neck of the cases too.

I was going to only use 1 grain of Bullseye, but it's really difficult to weigh out a single grain, so I ended up with a charge of 2.8 grains. I repeated the same loading process as before, and again headed out to the back yard. When I picked up the display unit for the MagnetoSpeed I was seriously bummed!

I had dropped it on the basement floor as I was coming back in the house, and the liquid crystal display was seriously broken! $50 +shipping and time to fix. $150 to replace. Bad words were spoken out loud. The sensor still worked and the unit has an SD micro-card for storage, so I still took it out.

I moved the milk jug out to the 30 m mark, and let fly. Whoa! Impressive impact on the milk jug! Also pretty loud. About the same as a high-velocity .22 RF. Not the same 'crack', and a little more "boom". About the same noise level, just a little different sound. Blew the milk jug open!

(Jug on right is the one shot with the Cape gun the other day.)

There was no exit 'wound', but it split the thing wide open from top to bottom, and as I said, the impact was impressive looking. I suppose all of the pellet was inside the jug, but I wasn't thinking about that when I picked it up and I only found the pellet's skirt. Point of Impact was about an inch left of Point of Aim, but that doesn't really say anything about accuracy since that was the only shot I took.

Turns out, the cracks in the display on the MagnetoSpeed didn't cover one of the places the velocity was displayed. It registered 2210 f/s. Pretty fast "pellet". Pretty loud too - for a pellet gun.

I will have to shoot this more times to see what precision it is capable of, but this is definitely a bunny or fox killer at 50 yards or so, maybe more if the precision is there. 2200 f/s with 2.8 grains of powder and a projectile that only costs 5 cents a piece is cheap shooting.

More when there is more to report.


PS - 175 ft-lbs of muzzle energy, powder all burnt in 19 inches, and only 7236 psi for max pressure.
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