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Re: Hunting Arrows
Old 09-23-2009, 02:09 AM
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Default Re: Hunting Arrows

Ahhh nicely timed Gitano for it's this evening that I pick up new newly tuned bow and it should now be correctly set up for me with a new Fastflite string. Which I am lead to believe with make the bow a wee bit faster as Fastflite has less give in it than Dacron.

Meanwhile I have been reading about the basics after buying the book:-

Archery Steps to Success .... by Kathleen Haywood & Catherine Lewis

It explains some things a wee bit better than the coach did, or perhaps I was not quite listening enough , but somethings I do not agree with such as aiming. I aim with the Bow sight as I would with a rifle sight using a 6 o'clock hold upon the bull but the authors say that holding on the centre of the Bull is the only way to get consistancy ?

Hmmm just kissing the top of the bead to the bottom of the round Bull has got to be more accurate than wobbling the bead around the centre of the bull ? Oh well we shall see.

In the meantime reading through this book has showed me some areas where I am going to have to really put some work in, one is on the rotation of my left wrist so I can get my elbow in the right "Plane" and position. The rotation of my left wrist is fairly restricted due to an old motorcyle injury from 83 where I broke both wrists. However the left was particularly bad as I broke it acros the joint ended up with my hand virtually beside the forearm on the inside. No bone came through and the skin remained intact which means all the damage was on the inside. As a result the wrist is not straight and does not bend in quite the right place and to place my left hand palm up as if to recieve something like change or use some gym machines. I have to bring the elbow into my ribs and that makes using some gym machines virtually impossible as I have to spread the hands wider and then that does not exercise the muscles as it's supposed too .

As for photos well we are looking into getting a new card reader that will work on this and newer computers and if I can do that then we can download photos again . Having just brought the books, one is still to arrive , and a couple of scopes and and a P-H 17 target sight for one of my BSA .22 LR's I will have to wait until next week before pursuing the card reader.
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