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The gf's gonna kill me....
Old 12-13-2006, 09:51 AM
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Default The gf's gonna kill me....

hi all, im in it up to my ears again...

the weathers awful here today, very windy with a hevy drizzly rain. but the funny thing is its not keeping the birds away, i looked outside and there was about 80 crows hovering around the front field and over the garden! i thought now would be a good chance to use the "pest control" clause on my gun licence, so i lifted the shotung and opened the front door and started blasting when i was standing right there in the front hall! man that was fun! because of the wind any birds moving from my left to my right were almost hovering, and the no 6's i was using were making short work of them. but thats kinda the problem...

apart from ejected cartridges leaving dirty marks on her nice cream rug in the front hall theres also now about 5 large crows lying dead on the roof of the house! i only noticed when i had to go down to the gates to get a parcel from a delivery guy - not good!

im trying to think up excuses now, like mass heart attacks in the local avain population, etc, but i think my lucks running out, i near had it yesterday. her pet cat had to get an operation over the weekend and it was staying in the house, i was under strict instructions not to let it out. well i did, it looked bored, so i let it out thinking i would get it back in before she came home from work. wrong. i got a text msg saying she was on her way home from work and would be here in 5 mins, and i was still running around the garden with a tin of cat food looking for the cat!! luckily its a bit ginger tom, and theres a ginger she cat that hangs around the house as well, so i grabbed it instead and put it under the xmas tree were the other one sleeps, hoping the gf wouldnt look at it too closely....

guess what? i got away with it! the cat stayed under the tree (tho she did say it looked thinner...) and i was able to grab the real one last night when it appeared and made the switch when she wasnt looking! but i think im pretty much a dead man today...

anyone ever get in trouble with their wife/gf/partner for shooting when you shouldnt?!?!?
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