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recoil junky 02-17-2015 10:12 PM

A New Rifle
After drooling over Remington's newest addition to their line up, the 700 Long Range and my wanting a 25-06 for a long time, the planets and stars finally aligned.

This after over a month waiting for my gun guy to find one. Seems Remington hasn't made very many of these and they are "scarce as hen's teeth" and all my internet searches were as fruitless as his. Anyway, I get a call late yesterday while me 'n t'missus are sitting on the couch and she's privy to the whole conversation as "Jimmy" and I belittle each other. There's no hiding this one, so I tell her what I did and she's not "thrilled" but not "upset" either. :sweetheart:

"Where'd you get the money?"

"I've been saving."

"For how long?"

"A couple years." (It's been longer than that actually)

"Oh. What's this one going to be good for?"

"Oh, everything, varmints, deer, antelope."

"I thought you didn't need to kill another antelope."

"Well, I don't but you never know when a rogue one might need dispatched."

She grins, "Rogue antelope huh?"

"Yep. You know how they are, always looking for an excuse."

"Will it be good for elk too?"

"Yeah, you know, the 'rogue' ones." :antlers:

Here's the particulars. Click on "specifications"


gitano 02-17-2015 10:18 PM

Re: A New Rifle

That's a very popular cartridge in your neck of the woods. Seems a little small for elk, especially "rogue" elk, but then I'm not exactly an elk "expert".

Too many people fail to understand the concept that one can have more than one gun for the same game species. And not all of those people are women!


Hunterbug 02-17-2015 10:23 PM

Re: A New Rifle
At least she didn't ask what you need it for. Need should never change in to the picture. I'm going to tell you the same thing that Gitano told me, just break down and buy 50 and after that she won't keep track.

gitano 02-18-2015 01:48 AM

Re: A New Rifle
Worked for me...


sakorick 02-18-2015 06:32 AM

Re: A New Rifle
It's a classic caliber. It was easily the most popular wildcat back in Colorado in the early 60's. I didn't even know it was a wildcat until I got back from my first tour in 1968. All the news then was that Remington was going to standardize the cartridge and offer it in the 700 in 1969......they did. The 25-'06 is simply a 30-'06 case necked down to .25 caliber with no other modifications. With a high BC and blazing speed, it is flat shooting, retains it's kinetic power way down range, and easy on your shoulder. SIL Wylie has one in a Savage 110 with accutrigger and I have one in a Mauser custom Ackley. The 25-'06 is very versatile in that if you are looking for a rifle that's great on Varmints which can also preform on deer and Elk you would be very happy with the baby 30-'06. Thank you, Charles Newton.

recoil junky 02-18-2015 07:00 PM

Re: A New Rifle
According to my book(s) A.O. Neidner is the father of the 25-06, but at thos point it doesn't really matter. The poor old '06 has been necked up, down, Improved and back by everybody. It is a classic. I want to get it Ackleyed, but I noticed the ground dwelling rodents are out, so I may wait.


22hornet 02-18-2015 07:04 PM

Re: A New Rifle
"she's not "thrilled" but not "upset" either"

For me that's a great sign.

How long before you think you might have one in your hands?

recoil junky 02-18-2015 07:58 PM

Re: A New Rifle
Might be here tomorrow. Now it'll have to wait 'til we get back from Florida now as we're heading for Denver to fly out as soon as I get off work tomorrow night, and getting back late on 1 March. I'll have it to look forward to.


Paul Hoskins 02-19-2015 11:05 AM

Re: A New Rifle
RJ, the only 25/06 I ever owned was a Ruger #1 & it shot great. I don't like 25 calibers but that doesn't mean they're not good. I gave it to a friend. I bought it with scope for 275 dollars. I have your problem with the wife. She keeps asking why I need another gun. Women just don't seem to understand. .....Paul H

davidlt89 02-19-2015 07:36 PM

Re: A New Rifle
beautiful gun!!!!! first I have Heard of it!!! I certainly do like remingtons. 25-06 was a caliber I had always wanted but never made the plunge!!! I got a great deal on my thompson center encore brand new, about a third of the price of that rifle, so I just had to get it. was at the beginning of my reloading phase and Paul helped me load two bullets for it, 115gr and an 85gr. both shoots the lights out. That rifle is never going anywhere!!! hoping my oldest boy uses it this year!!!! Great caliber!!!! God Bless.

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