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Squirrel hunting tips
Old 08-30-2006, 09:50 PM
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Default Squirrel hunting tips

The squirrelís favorite food around here is nuts, berries, farm crops; squirrels love corn and peanut butter,( check your game feeders next time and see how many come in to eat)
So study trees so that you can recognize nut-bearers at a distance, like oaks, beech trees, hickories, look when you can pick out a beech tree from others trees youíll find squirrels in it at nut-bearing time.
Once you find an area where food is try still hunting. Find a good position near or in a grove of trees, like I did a few days ago in a grove of hardwoods, I was camouflaged up really good just being quiet, When it got light enough to see up in the trees, I used two smooth pebbles by tapping or rubbing them around, this sound just like a squirrel chewing on a nut and it will bring them in, and as they travel fairly high in the trees you donít have to worry about your scent reaching them, I can say that a single gunshot will seldom scare any squirrels, even several spaced shots wonít scare them as much as the sight of a hunter, so remain still they will move again, just let your killed squirrels lie until your finished hunting that area, mark in your mind where they fall, the less you move the better.
On fooling them Iíve had old times tell me they would prop up there coats or hats on a bush near the tree a squirrel in and work around it, when they move around they will just freeze for an instant, hey I tried this last fall with my hat and it works, most of the time to get a squirrel to move around a tree, to get a shot at Iíll trough this old white sock I have with a rubber ball in it, and if your ever around these parts and come across fish line in the woods itís where I was using it to move a bush to get a squirrel to move, ok LOL, it works.
If you like to use calls try using a predator call around a den tree, this will often bring the squirrel running to the den.
Check your weather, on windy, cold days or when rain or snow is falling, squirrels will stay in the den, until hunger drivers them out and that up in the day or late evening, so try hunting after a cold snap or a storm theyíll be out making up for lost feeding time, hunting in the early morning is good also one of the best times.

A note on the Red Squirrel they are smaller than the gray, about the size of a chipmunk and they do not like each other, I donít care to much for them my self because these old boys are the woods early warning system, they are not hunted as much and are unafraid of hunters they will let other game know your around, try and get away from them, some times Iíve had them follow me, and at times Iíve put them down for giving me away, the next time your out deer hunting keep an eye out for them if youíve ever had buck turn an run, look around for this guy, and I can say youíll see one most of the time.

Try fixing a squirrel with bacon wrapped around it next time.

I like to thank my wife for taking the time to go out on some hunts with me to take some photos and showing me how to use Microsoft word, Ron

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We got too complicated......It's all way over rated....I like the old and out dated way of life........I miss back when..
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