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Youth Deer Rifle
Old 05-25-2005, 06:42 AM
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Default Youth Deer Rifle

I've been lookin around at various cartridges and rifles, trying to find the right combination for my 5'4", 140 lb son. He is destined to be a rather large man someday, and I need to get him a rifle this year for deer season in Alabama. Also want it chambered in a respectable sized cartridge that can grow with him.

Original thought was .243, but then I was looking at ballistics and thought it kind of maxed out a little slower and lighter than I wanted. Next thought was 7mm-08, could load it light to heavy as he gets bigger and more comfortable with it. I don't see him needing a more powerful rifle than that in his near future(until he has to buy his own guns). Those two would be in a nice short action, most I would need is to replace the youth synthetic stock he is going to get with a fullsize wood stock later on.

Last thought was getting him a .270, in a youth model. Good selection of bullets, common cartridge. Then I compared the ballsitics between the 7mm-08 and the .270, and they are almost identical. The 7-08 will be have just a hair more arc to it, but it will also create just a touch bigger wound channel. Seems to be a few more bullets made for the 7-08 as well. But the trump card is the action, SHORT combined with the revelation that he doesn't need more than a 20" barrel. I think this puts the 7mm-08 clearly in the lead. I can get him in a 38 1/4" rifle, at about 7 pounds and can handload mild, light loads and progress up as needed/wanted.


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