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Super Kurz daydream
Old 01-21-2008, 12:57 AM
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Default Super Kurz daydream

I occansionaly read some of the benchrest crowd's developments because I like to pick up some revelant tips and tricks. Always seems to be some benchrest R&D effort going on that's interesting to read about.

Over the last few years the PPC and BR rounds looked interesting but generally looked highly specilized to be just paper punchers with little other utility. But some the later ones appear to be a bit more "snappier", such with those in 30 caliber.

Reflecting back on history, the first of smaller but lethal modern rounds started with the 7.92x33 "Kurz". H'mm, if one wanted to re-invent the Kurz today with today's brass and powder choices, what would it be? If one could do some extrapolation from those the BR guys are using, I'd think about necking up a 30 BR or the 1.5 Barnes to 8mm. Use the 125 grain Hornady bullet and 308 Win brass as the base. If using a parameter like case capacity to bore ratio as a guide from the PPCs and BR cartridges, the 1.5 Barnes necked up to 8mm might actually need to be about 1.6 inches in length or so. (Interesting to note that is about the length of the 7.62x39.)

I haven't calculated the optimum barrel twist for the 125 Hornady, but my guess it would be slower than the standard military Mauser twist that would also aid in efficiency.

My quick run-through of 8mm wildcats doesn't show anything "invented" like this other than the 8x51, but I could be wrong. Anywho, just some musings about what an "optimized" Kurz might look like today. Maybe a project for one of my old mausers.

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