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Complete AR-15 Kit for $350
Old 02-24-2017, 04:42 PM
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Default Complete AR-15 Kit for $350


Tough to beat that price. It's a complete firearm, BUT... you have to mill the lower. I think I should probably point out some 'details' of "mill the lower". If you don't have the equipment, (minimally a drill press, optimally a mill), to mill the lower, then be advised that if you take it to "someone else", you - and they - need to be aware of the LAW regarding "making your own firearm".

The law requires a license to CONDUCT the BUSINESS of firearms manufacture. Period. However, the law allows one to make their own firearms as long as they are not "conducting business". "Conducting business" is only LOOSELY defined in firearms law. Based on existing precedents, if you make AND SELL more than one fire arm per 6-month interval, the Feds are going to want to 'talk' to you at the least. One of the definitions of "conducting business" is that if the money you earn from the sale of the firearm is a "significant" portion of your annual income, then you are "conducting business". HOWEVER...

Making your own firearm is NOT getting someone else to make it for you, even if they don't "make" money on the transaction. In other words, the language "make for personal use" MEANS THAT. If you have someone else do the milling for you, they are NOT making it "for personal use".

THE EXACT SAME THING APPLIES TO AMMUNITION. One MUST have a license to manufacture ammunition IF one is going to "conduct business". We all know very well that we can "mak" our own ammo. It's called "reloading". If we start selling it, it's called BUSINESS and requires a license. Unlike firearms, I CAN make ammo for you, not because it's "legal", but because the Feds don't care if I make 20 rounds of '06 ammo for a friend. They most certainly DO care if I make an AR-15 for my friend.

So... The above kit is a GREAT buy, but "YOU" are the one that has to "make" it. 80% receivers can be milled using a drill press, and for the price of the above kit, I would do it. A complete AR-15 for $350 plus shipping is REALLY tough to beat. The extra time and patience it takes to use a drill press instead of a mill would be time and effort well-spent in my opinion. BUT... if you know someone with a mill, all you have to do is ask them to allow you to mill it YOURSELF on their mill.

An idiot in Kalifornia was milling lowers FOR people. He's going to jail for 3.5 years after being convicted of a FELONY. Which means among other things, 1) Los of voting right, and 2) unable to have a firearm "in possession". Not only can he not OWN a firearm, he has to tell people whose house he visits that he is a felon and they have to put their firearms "away" so that he has "no access" to them. I happen to KNOW this is true because I sat on a jury in a trial in which the defendent was charged with "felon in POSSESSION of a firearm" because there was a pistol on the coffee table in the living room in the apartment he was visiting. Because he could "readily access" that firearm, he was legally "in possession" of it. This isn't some "nuance" of the law. Felons are TOLD in no uncertain terms about "possession of a firearm".

What is also true is that one can petition to have one's rights to vote and own a firearm restored. This is one of the services that the NRA commonly performs for people that have not been convicted of a felony involving a firearm. So, because he committed a federal felony INVOLVING A FIREARM, the idiot in Kalifornia that calls himself "Doctor Death" will likely NEVER be able to own a firearm again.

This "make your own firearm" is VERY easy to comply with. Just don't be a jackass about it.

Be advised...

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

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Do not confuse technical skill for wisdom and do not confuse strength for skill. Paul Skvorc
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