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Re: Making Another .416x348 Win
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Default Re: Making Another .416x348 Win

With this butt, it 'comes to eye' perfectly if I were using iron sights. With the scope it's still 'good', but as you can imagine, the cheek-weld is not as firm.

Common sense would dictate that I shoot it with this butt to see how it works so I can adjust the persimmon accordingly. However, I do not intend to shape the persimmon like this one. It will still have a straight wrist, and it will still have that flat right behind the upper tang. That was somewhat serendipitous, but I really like it. It may have a cheek-piece. I haven't decided yet. I would like to shape it like the but of my thumbholes (without the thumbhole), but having already drilled the through-hole, that option may not be available any longer. If that option is not available, I want the comb to come straight back parallel to the line of the bore. Stocks so configured recoil straight back into your shoulder. At recoil, stocks that have significant drop-at-the-heel, (like this one), rotate at the shoulder, pushing the stock up into the cheek and raising the muzzle. The "classic" Remington stock of their Classic Series, and the factory Ruger Number ONEs, (NOT number 3s), have stocks with combs that are parallel to the line of the bore. Have a look at these:

Notice how the comb of the thumbhole stocks I have actually raises as you go from the action to the butt, and how the "recoil line" of the stock is parallel to the bore. That's a big part of why THESE thumbholes are so pleasant to shoot.

Here's the factory Number THREE.

That angle, both of the line of the comb (AKA Drop-at-the-comb), AND the "recoil line" mean that the rifle WILL rotate UP at the point where the stock meets the shoulder, thereby pushing the comb INTO the face of the shooter.

Here's the Remington Model 700 Classic:

I would have lost a bet over whether or not there was ANY drop-at-the-comb on this model rifle, but it kept not 'lining' up in my picture editing so I put a ruler on it.

As you can see, there is a tiny bit of drop-at-the-comb. These rifles are VERY comfortable for me to shoot.

I will be TRYING to mimic the thumbhole design (without the thumbhole or pistol grip.) I don't know if I will be able to do that now that the through-hole is already bored.

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