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Re: As We Move Toward Hunting Being a Rich Man's Game in the US
Old 01-17-2018, 06:36 AM
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Default Re: As We Move Toward Hunting Being a Rich Man's Game in the US

Paul, things like this irk me to no end. It's not just the shooting industry & their propaganda, it's cropping up in everything else too. Since the computer/cell phone age the sheeple are suckers for all sorts of horse doo mostly because they can't think for themselves any more. There is no such thing as common sense & logic among the younger generations any more. All they know is what some "expert or scientist" posted on the internet or told them in school. These "experts" use all sorts of propaganda to brainwash the people. Sure, denser material for shot is better than lead but the average person can't afford to load with it. Prices on ALL reloading components has gone up to the point where it's about as economical to buy factory ammo & hope for the best. Back in the summer I bought two pounds of Unique powder. Thirty dollars a pound. The monkey at the cash register tried to tell me what a bargain that was when I criticized their price. When I told him I used to buy it for $1.95 a pound he looked at me like I was from another planet. Made me want to reach out & touch someone. ......I don't shoot enough shot shells to pay me to reload. If I did I certainly wouldn't buy any exotic shot. It's simply not worth the cost. .....What really ticks me off is every trade uses lies & propaganda for their own personal & financial gain. The biggest lie going around right now is the flu & pneumonia vaccines. These vaccines right now is the biggest cause of the hospitals overfilled with serious flu cases. The media (ptooey) start telling the sheeple it's flu season. Better get your flu vaccination. 50% of the people getting flu vaccinations wind up with the flu. Then the stupid media tell people there's a flu epidemic, better get your flu vaccination. People run out & get flu vaccinations & cases double. It's stupidity. No common sense to see what's happening. Doctors & hospitals love it though. .....I'll let it go at that before I really get started. .....Paul H
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