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Old New Things
Old 10-16-2007, 09:50 PM
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Default Old New Things

Some time ago I told you guys/gals I would post a thread on the "17 Stinger" I designed back around 1980 or so. It wasn't something I really wanted to do but a couple of young friends I hunted with bought high end 22 cal. rifles with the idea the high price made them shoot better. For testing they bought bricks of about every 22 rimfire cartridge made. They had bricks of CCI Stingers, Rem. Yellow Jackets and Win. Wildcats. None of these shot good in their Kimbers and Anschutz's rifles. To get rid of them, they dumped them on me. Not having much use for them I decided to neck them down and reload just to see what they would do. Not having many 14 caliber bullets, I decided on the 17 caliber because I had scads of 17 bullets by several diffrent makers including my own make.

I started out by making forming dies out of 1/2 inch heat treated bolts. It took a bit of tinkering before I finally got things to work according to Hoyle. First off, I discovered they couldn't be necked down in one pass. The brass is too thin and brittle for this. It would have to be a two step operation. After getting the dies right the next problem was forming cases in a regular loading press. I made a bushing adapter for the 1/2- 20 thread dies but it was difficult to work with such small cases in a big cumbersome press, especially with my bummed up fingers. I wound up making a hand held press using a plunger type toggle clamp for the ram. The shell holder was no big deal. I had been through all this before when I made a setup for necking the 22 Mag. down to 17 caliber. The 22 Mag. is almost as big as the 22 Hornet and much easier for me to handle. Obviously, these cases can't be annealed.

The first cases I designed had 5/32 inch long necks and are much like Aguila 17 cartridges. The second design used a 3/32 inch long neck and is almost a dead ringer for the 17 Hornady cartridge. The first chambering was for the longer necked case but later I deepened the chamber for the short neck version. One is just as good as the other. The only rifle I chambered for these cartridges was a BSA Martini Cadet I converted to rimfire. I also made up a pistol for the first version but we won't get into that. I only used 25 gr. bullets because that is about the only thing I had back in those days. Mostly I loaded them with my own home made bullets. They were much cheaper. I now wish I had made up some bullets with cornmeal cores for it.

In the pictures there is cases for the original cartridge that were never used and loaded cartridges of the later design along with empty cases. Also pictures of the press and dies. Incidentally, the final forming die, (the short one) sizes the case so there is no need for an expander button. The first forming die also is used for bullet seating, eliminating another die. It is exceedingly easy to pull the 22 bullets, neck and load these little cartridges. I won't give any loading data but 2.5 grs. Bullseye makes an exceptionally accurate load with 25 gr. bullets.

This cartridge preceded the Hornady cartridge by something like 25 years. Much like the rumor that Bobby Knight designed and built the first inline muzzle loader in 1985. I was building inlines back in the mid 60's. Still have one of them. Undoubtedly someone did all this long before I did. ...........Paul H
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