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Thoughts of a mad scientist
Old 10-01-2007, 10:36 AM
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Lightbulb Thoughts of a mad scientist

I was looking at Encore barrels the other day and noticed that they offer them in .460 S&W. I looked at the .460 ammo that's available and saw that they offer a plastic tipped Hornady bullet in 200gr that flat smokes from the S&W 460 revolver. Then I saw an article by JD Jones that lists this load around **2700fps**!! out of a 15" Encore. He mentioned necking down the .500 S&W to smaller calibers in the Encore and getting some serious velocity from it also.


I have a .45Colt Ruger Bisley and looked to see if the plastic tipped Hornady bullets were available for reloading, where I could load these for it, mostly just to see if I could. I realize velocity would still be around 12-1300fps like any similar bullet, and this bullet is not the magic component in the .30-06-like velocity and energy of the .460.

I was also looking at the Encore muzzle-loader barrels, and looked at loading data from T/C for these, that listed a very similar plastic tipped bullet in a .50 caliber sabot, or a .40 caliber bullet in a .45 caliber sabot for the .45 barrels.

Then I see that the state of the art in rifled slug guns is a very similar bullet in a sabot.

So I gets to thinkin.....

Could I buy the Hornady muzzle loader bullets, discard the sabots, and load them in my .45 Colt to make neat looking red-plastic tipped cartridges with a tiny increase in ballistic coeficient? They have no cannelure, so I'd have to use a .45 ACP taper crimp die on these. If that would work?

But the REAL question is:

*COULD* a person load these muzzle-loader sabots AND bullets into a centerfire cartridge, say the .50 sabot with .45 bullet into a .500 S&W? Or the .45 sabot with .40 bullet into a .460 S&W? I imagine that you'd have to seat them deep and roll crimp over the front edge of the sabot.

Possible problems I see: Keeping the bullet in the sabot while loaded into the case during handling. Reduced powder capacity due to deep seating the sabot (factory-crimp die, crimping on the sabot?) And if you tried this in a revolver, the sabot might open *in* the barrel cylinder gap? *cringe*

Well, what do you think?
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