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For What Wildcat Cartridges Do You, or Have You, Owned Rifles?
Old 07-28-2016, 10:59 AM
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Default For What Wildcat Cartridges Do You, or Have You, Owned Rifles?

I'd make this a poll, but it's not really a 'poll' subject per se. What I'll do is edit this "Original Post" (OP) as new candidates come up in the following posts. Let's keep this to cartridges that you have owned a rifle actually chambered for the cartridge. (That's mostly an admonition to myself, as I have made A LOT of cartridges that I haven't actually chambered a rifle for.)

I'll start this off with my very first ever wildcat: The 7mmx300 Weatherby. That's been followed by the .50 Alaskan (I prefer .50x348 Win). Then came the 8mm Steyr Long Throat, (8mm SLT) and the 8mm SST (Steyr Short Throat) - both cartridges built on the .376 Steyr case necked down to 8mm. Then the .358 Steyr (.376 Steyr necked down to .358.) Then the 8mm Max, the .357 Maximum necked down to 8mm, and the 8mmx.223 Rem, both of which were for the AR-15. Then, another favorite, the .416x348 Win. for the "Cape Gun". Next was the 8mmx.284 Win for the AR-10, followed by the 8-08, the .308 Win necked up to 8mm, also for the AR-10. I have a rifle chambered in .338-08, but that cartridge has been "factory-ized" in the mean time. (You note a certain 'trend' in the caliber chosen for the above wildcats. ) I have toyed with MANY more, but those are the ones for which I have actually chambered rifles.


PS - Oops, forgot two rifles in which I didn't do the chambering; .22x.30-30 Win and .257 Krag Ackley Improved.

PPS - Just remembered another one: .17 Predator.


Here's the list that I will update as entries are added in the posts below.
  1. 7x300 Weatherby
  2. .50 ALaskan
  3. 8mm SLT
  4. 8mm SST
  5. 8x.223 Rem
  6. .416x.348 Win
  7. 8x.284 Win
  8. 8-08 Win
  9. .22x.30-30 Win
  10. .257 Krag AI
  11. .17 Predator
  12. .17 Stinger
  13. .17/22 Mag.
  14. .14 Walker
  15. .17 Hornet AI
  16. .17 Bee AI
  17. .17-225 Win.
  18. .22-30/30 AI
  19. .22-243 AI
  20. .22-6mm Rem
  21. .22-6mm Rem. AI
  22. .228-6mm Rem
  23. .22 Newton
  24. 228-6mm Rem AI
  25. 6.5_06 Ackley *2
  26. .358 sta Magnum
  27. 308 Norma Magnum
  28. 6.5 TC
  29. 7mm TC
  30. 30 Herret
  31. .22 K-Hornet
  32. 6x57 Ackley
  33. 25-'06 Ackley
  34. 6.5x284 Ackley
  35. 30-'06 Ackley *2
  36. 338x'06 Ackley
  37. 8MMx63 (AKA 8mm-06
  38. 35 Whelen Ackley
OK, Let's hear about yours!
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