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early morning fox(double)
Old 02-07-2006, 05:56 PM
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Hi all,
Got a call last weekend from the farmer that has the land adjacent to my home to say he,d been seeing some fox activity around his sheep and was a little concerned about his early lambs.So siezing the opportunity i loaded up 87 grain v max for the old midland 243 ,checked my zero and prepared for an early morning weekend jaunt.Got in from my night shift at 7 am was still dark so loaded up the gear donned the camo and hopped over the back fence.
I have the whole of the field covered from a natural blind in one of the hedge rows and the winds in my face,well more of a gentle breeze actually ideal conditions, as the sun starts to rise i spot some movement in the under growth off to my right about 35 yards down.I looked through my binos and could make out the ears then the face appeared it looked real cautious and was studying the area where iwas sitting,keeping perfectly still seemed to be the order of the day and waiting for it to present me with a shot,i,d deliberately gone for the 87 grn 243 rather than than my 223 because i wanted to be sure of the kill to keep the farmer happy,well he played right into myhands dropped his head out of site long enough for me to swing the rifle around and get her set on the area he had appeared ,then he made the fatal mistake of lifting his head again,i never had to move the rifle he actually lifted his head straight intothe crosshairs,i couldnt believe it,rifle was rock steady on my knee,fox head in the zone ,about 35 yards,gentle squeeze on the trigger,job,s a good un one less predator to worry about.The closeness of the shot and the power of the rifle actualy caused it to backward somersault into the brambles.
Then within 15 minutes of that another came out of the hedge this time across at the far hedge low down and to my right and came running up the field across the front of my rifle ,i barked at it and it stopped in its tracks and crouched down but oh dear not quite enough cover,grass is pretty short when theres sheep about, it tryed to turn away from me still on its belly giving me a good clear shot at the back of its neck,again this shot was inside 50 yards i couldnt believe it,another squeeze on the midlands trigger and another one gone .
So ive been out under an hour and two fox tagged and bagged,i,m happy ,the farmers happy and the new born lamb,s are ecstatic
Before any one asks got no pics i,m sorry the 243 at that range made the head and high neck shot a little messy to be recorded for prosterity,i,leave the description of the damage to your imagination the first one was hit virtually square between the eyes just above the muzzle and the second high in the neck just at the base of the skull
May i take this oppotunity to thank Mr Hornady,Mr Hodgdon oh and not forgetting Mr Lee for supplying the equipment to combine the two(excuse the blatant advertising)
Take care my friends...............................Richie
oh and all this just a five minute walk from my home isn,t life grand
happiness is a critter in the crosshairs

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