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The 6.5-'06 Ackley Improved
Old 07-26-2008, 03:41 PM
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Default The 6.5-'06 Ackley Improved

My favorite deer rifle, the 6.5-'06AI is a joy to reload and is flatter shooting than virtually every non magnum caliber including the 270, 308, '06 and many belted magnums including the 7MM Remington mag.

Tips on fireforming brass. First I use 270 brass necked down rather than 25-'06 necked up. Two reasons....I own a 25-'06AI and don't need confusion and necking down rather than up has merit. When you neck a bullet up you loose case length. When you neck a bullet down, you gain case length. Of course you have to trim to 2.494 but when working with Ackleys it's been my experience that once you lose case length it will never come back....at least not in the lifetime of the case, That is one of the beauties of the Ackley bullet as your case triming days are essentially over. I never use real loads and bullets to fireform. It seems silly to run expensive bullets down your expensive barrel when 11 grains of bullseye topped to the bottom of the neck with cream of wheat and topped by a rolled up 22 patch stuffed in the neck makes the most perfect fireformed brass you will ever see period......oh, I forgot, you have to use a primer and pull the trigger....boom goes the dynamite.

Loading the Ackley is like loading anything else, however, you have a much bigger case to play with and you can get in trouble. If you read the hypola on the reloaders nest, you may lose body parts. Usually, you can gain 2 grains of powder in an Ackley before the pressure signs start.....sometimes more, sometimes less depending on powder, and how well your rifle, bolt and action match. However, I don't use the Acklies because of the 100 to 200 '/sec velocity increase rather the extra case volume allows me to load the new high BC super long bullets without the worry of overcompression and associated pressure problems. You also get a bonus of loooooong case life, nearly endless case life!

Shooting and numbers???? Stay tuned as I'm off to the range tomorrow. I will be loading up some 120gr Noslers and hope to get around 3250'/sec which is one super flat bullet! Stay tuned and regards, Rick.
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