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Range Report Contender, Sauer, 8mm SLT 9-2-16
Old 09-02-2016, 08:03 PM
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Default Range Report Contender, Sauer, 8mm SLT 9-2-16

Overall, an OK day at the range, but lots of frustrating elements. In the end, the most important things were taken care of. Shot the new Contender chambered in .22 Hornet, the 8mm SLT, and the Model 90 Sauer chambered in .338 Win Mag. The SLT and the .338 WM were being 'tested' to see which one I will be taking caribou hunting sometime between Monday and the 20th of Sept.

Pictures of the rifles:
Sauer Model 90

8mm Steyr Long Throat (SLT)

Contender, without scope mounted.

Started off bad because I had to go through State Fair traffic to get to the range. A drive that normally takes a long half hour took an hour. When I got to the range almost all of the benches were taken. I think there were two or three unoccupied. I got set up and started with the Contender.

A MAJOR problem with breech-break rifles is that it is difficult to bore sight them. I figured I'd just dispense with the bore sighting and sling a round at the target and adjust as necessary. I put the target at 40 paces out and let fly. The target stand is 24" wide and 36" high. I missed. The whole friggin' thing. Kind of sigting through the scope and down the side of the barrel, I could see that the barrel was pointing about 2 FEET to the left of where the scope was looking. Fudge.

These are the rings I'm using on this rifle:
As you can see, they're a bit more complicated than most. They allow some significant windage adjustment without having to use the windage adjustment on the scope. You note the little hex wrench on the lower part of the picture. I didn't have that with me. I did have a fold-open hex wrench set, but in order to use the one I needed on this set of rings, I had to disassemble the set. Took the better part of 20 minutes to get the rings moved as far as I could to account for the wacko windage. Still wasn't enough. The rifle still shot at least a foot left. However, I thought I'd just do like the Soviets did and brute force it by using all the windage on the scope I could get.

Then the next problem arose. The blasted thing was mis-firing about every other trigger pull. It wasn't the ammo, because the round would eventually fire. And it wasn't "handload" because I was using factory ammo. It's the effing receiver. By this point I was "done" with the Contender. Took a while to get everything put back together and put the Contender away. Another busted range session with that rifle. I didn't like Thompson firearms much before the experiences with this rifle. I'm liking them less every day.

There was also a @#$%^&*ing ex-marine gunnery sgt that had decided that he was going to "run" the range. I told him a few things, included among them was the fact that I REALLY don't like marines. He had a few things to say too. The net result was that he stayed away from my end of the range, but the damage was done. Just another rock on the pile.

I decided to check the aim on the SLT and the Sauer and get the hell away from there. So I ran the target out to 100 yd. I started with the 8mm SLT shooting Hornady 195s. Here's the target.

Not much need to shoot more, especially considering the 'conditions' at the range.

I put the SLT away and got out the Sauer. Here's it's target.

Again, why shoot more? I packed up my stuff and headed home.

I'm still left with the dilemma of which rifle to take caribou hunting. I'd like to take the SLT to vindicate or off-set the 'shot in the foot' event of a couple of years ago. Especially since that was with Grant, and I'll be hunting with Grant again. But I'd also like to use the Sauer, and it did shoot 'better'. (However, that level of 'better' is insignificant for hunting.) I probably won't make up my mind until the last minute.

So the day at the range turned out "OK" because the SLT was right on, and so was the Sauer. That kind of 'good' news covers a lot of the bad experience. Now I have to figure out what the hell is wrong with that blasted Contender AND the scope mount. Either the mount holes were drilled off-line, or the picatinny rail holes are out of alignment, or the rings are 'bad'. PLUS figuring out the every-other-shot mis-fire.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

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.22 hornet, .338 wm, 8mm, 8mm slt, bore sight, contender, model 90, range report, sauer, simmons, swarovski

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