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Awright, I'm a believer...
Old 03-04-2015, 08:37 PM
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Default Awright, I'm a believer...

So, j0e_bl0ggs has been extolling the virtues of Anschutz rifles, and particularly their target rifles with model 54 actions. I recently found a Match, Model 54 for a very good price, ($825) and was compelled to purchase it due to the price and condition. While the stock has been handled by someone that was most likely a competition shooter, and they don't particularly take care of where or how they lay their firearms around, it isn't in bad shape. Just 'rubbed' and 'dented' where one would expect.

A couple of years ago, j0e_bl0ggs having parted with his match Anschutz but not its 'accouterments', sent me both the "target" sights, AND a target 'scope, both specifically designed for the Anschutz match rifle. The day after I got the rifle I put the "target" sights on the rifle a took a couple of shots. Really extraordinary 'open' sights, but I didn't have time to set up a target and get those sights 'sighted in'. j0e_bl0ggs admonished me to put the 'scope on and do some more serious shooting. I still wasn't able to get much time today, but I did get a target set up and shot a few rounds.

I started off at 30 meters and fired a couple of rounds to see if the 'scope, simply installed without adjustment might be "on paper". It wasn't. So I removed the bolt and commenced to bore sight the 'scope. There were a couple of issues:
1) I can't see the full view of the 'scope's field of view unless my eye is less than an inch from the ocular. This puts the tip of my nose forward of the rear of the bolt when the gun is mounted to my shoulder, and that is with the 'scope as far rearward as I can make it go. A lot like looking through a microscope.
2) I ran out of elevation and windage before I could get the crosshairs on the bullseye as seen through the bore. I will have to spend some time on Skype with j0e_bl0ggs going over some of the physical settings on the 'scope.

Nonetheless, I was able to get the sight picture from the 'scope and through the bore to be close enough to be on the same piece of 8.5"x11" piece of paper, so I aimed at the center bull, and shot five rounds. As the title of this thread says, "I'm a believer". Have a gander:

You'll have to take my word for it, but I wasn't even trying to shoot the smallest group I could. I was just 'pointing' in the 'center' of the bull and firing. I didn't measure the group, but outside to outside is less than 0.5". Subtract 0.22" from that, and you get about a quarter of an inch. I know it's only 33 yards, but still, considering 'random' ammo and no effort at precision, I'm quite impressed.

Here's a picture of the rifle with the 'scope on it:

I'll take a better picture next time I shoot it.

Here's the ammo I used:

Next time I'll strap on the Magnetospeed and see what the muzzle velocity variation is, and see how some Aguila SSSs do both for gyroscopic stabilization, MV, variation, and precision. Maybe tomorrow.

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anschutz 54, range report

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