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Re: Probably the final range report from AK on the .338 MAI
Old 12-16-2005, 03:47 AM
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Default Re: Probably the final range report from AK on the .338 MAI

The truth is, I have had a little issue with feeding when using the 200s and 210s. It doesn't happen every time, but more often than not. What is required is closing the bolt smartly and with purpose. The problem is the longer bullets and the larger shoulder. The actual shoulder on this rifle is 0.456". What happens is that at that last moment before the round lines up with the bore, the tip of the Ballistic Tip just touches the top of the chamber while the bottom side of the case just behind the shoulder is touching the leading edge of the feed ramp. This causes a little 'bind'. I am quite sure it is easily remedied with judicious honing of the feed ramp, and probably just a frog's hair off of the rails. It hasn't been a big enough issue for me not to take it moose hunting twice and bear hunting once. However, since it's winter, I'll prolly have to get after it sooner than later.

WRT to the .338-06, I think the only real issue is whether you want to use a 'long' action or not. As John said, we're both partial to Mausers, and given that preference, this was a foregone conclusion. If I were going to use the '06 case, I'd certainly AI it, making it a what - a .338 Whelen? Also, John had done considerable research and found absolutely no reference to this particular wildcat. That in itself is pretty amazing.

It's been a hoot. I'm just finishing up "the book" on this matter, so I can send it to John. I've decided that to have a complete look at this cartridge, I really have to shoot the coated Barnes 185 "X". I've got a feeling based on working up some loads for a friend in .338 WM, that they're gonna outperform the 200 CTBST. I think the decision will probably come down to which one is more precise, but the Barnes' are quite a bit more expensive ($32/50 vs $19/50) than the CTBSTs.

I just finished going over the data, and a muzzle velocity of 2825 f/s for a 200 grain bullet with a BC of .414 delivering 2073 ft-lbs to the target at 300 yds, or 3200 f/s for a 160 with a BC of .337 delivering 1961 ft-lbs at 300, is good enough medicine for anything in NA even in the hands of a rank amateur. John had a good idea, and executed it well.

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.338 caliber, .338 mai, load work-up, range report, targets

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