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The 1200C (Super Clip) Circa 1987..Long!
Old 12-05-2009, 03:24 AM
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Default The 1200C (Super Clip) Circa 1987..Long!

Hi All,

Well I finally got my hands on this rifle picked it up and a couple of boxes of ammunition yesterday (Friday) lunch time. Once we got home it was the usual procedure of giving it a clean and going over.

One of the first things I noticed is that the trigger has some creep and as they have the "Timney" type adjustable tigger this sort of surprised me that is until I tried removing the stock not your usual retaining method and requires a small pin punch. More of that later.

The stock is probably the best figured wood on any of the Parker-Hale's that I own and possibly even the best figured stock I have seen on a P-H once I re-do the finish and bring the figuring out with some Red Oil is should be quite stunning it's darker than most P-H's and has some wonderful tiger stripping.

Sadly it felt rough and dry and the white spacers are no longer white which got me to thinking. A little application of BLO rubbed in with the palm then left for a short while and a careful wipe over and gentle rubbing with a piece of 600 wet and dry paper smoothed the surface by removing excess "stock conditioner" well that's what I assume was on it the white diamond in the grip cap is now white again.

I now have to decide on what finish to go for as this obviously has an oiled finish but it does not appear to be a high gloss oiled finish. Will have to give this some thought. The bore was clean this is a first with a S/H rifle from a dealers for me. I know I asked abotu bore condition in the e-mail so I assume they wiped it through to examine it however never having visited this shop perhaps I am not giving them the credit they deserve and perhaps it's one shop that does clean it's stock rifles! The metalwork did need a clean especially the Leupold one piece mount at the rear where it was covered in what I first thought was rust but turned out to be Loctite Darn it the guy must have used a tube of the stuf and it took me ages to remove it. It was in the small grooves for the windage screws, the windage jam screws were stuffed up with the stuff as were all four ring screws. On the flat of the Leupold base I resorted to using a wood chisel to remove it ..................... yep it was that thick on there. The gold plated trigger had spots on it and was very dull and frankly looked awful and uncared for.

To check the view mark and clean under the stock of course the stock have to come off, so I tried the two action screws and found both to be only nipped up Hmmmm so I took them out and the front of the action and barrel lifted and the front of the floor plate came away and I took the magazine out, they are tight no chance of dropping one accidently, but something was holding the rear of the action in place. I first thought the trigger guard was a tight fit but no.

After much deliberation and getting the rifle upside down under the lamp I could see what appeared to be a small allen headed screw but it's not possible to get anything on it, not without drifting out the roll pin which retains the magazine/floorplate catch so that's what I did an managed to unscrew this allen screw and Voila the trigger guard lifted out and the action came out of the stock.

It seems that the action of the 1200C is different from the other 1200's as it has an extra lug which this small screw goes into and that holds the magazine shell and trigger guard in place. Once seperated I cleaned the underside of the barreled action and wiped the grime off the trigger unit but those spots refused to budge . So taking a deep breathe I broke out the Brasso and carefully polished the offending trigger blade and got all the spots off without removing the plating. You can still see speckling on the sides of the blade but they are not glaringly obvious now. It might have been possible to remove all the marks but I was fearful of polishing through the plating.

I gave the bore a wipe through with P-H 009 and got some dirt out, a minor amount, and cleaned the bolt and all it's little nooks and grannies. there was a fair amount of accumulated debris in the mag well of the action and under the rear bridge and around the bolt shroud but a cotton bud soaked in 009 got it out and off. I left the trigger alone for now as I wish to do something with the stock finish and time was getting on and I had the scope to mount as I wish to test fire the rifle this weekend so I put the rifle back together and got the scope off the Brno ZKK601 which is a straight 6x42 then hit a snag .

The Leupold base places the front ring quite well forwards and the body tube of the 6x42 is not long enough to get the correct poistion for eye relief I had not considered that as with the P-H mounts it had fitted on the 1200V before so some head scratching followed then it was open up the cabinets and see which scope I could rob that would fit. It then occured to me that maybe an American scope would fit these American mounts so I pulled my late model BSA Supersport Five out that had a Simmons 6-18x40AO competition scope on it and yep it has a long body tube so I pulled it off and mounted it on the 1200C. Even now I have had to pull the scope right back in the rings but the eye relief is good even prone so it would appear we are good to go .If the weather co-operates this morning I will take photos and maybe see how close the collimeter got the scope setting. I thought I might not be able to use my Collimeter on this rifle as the 25 Cal spud can only just be forced into the muzzle. This barrel's bore is TIGHT but I managed to set the windage adjustment about central on the scope and adjust the jam screws to get it centred on the collimeter grid. Only firing will tell if it's right or not.

Edit:- Sorry for the long write up Photos now added
Go Get them Floyd!

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