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Yukon men
Old 11-18-2015, 07:58 PM
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Default Yukon men

So I am going through the channels the other day and land of the show "Yukon Men". I have never watched it but I looked at the info on this certain show and it was focusing on the "dangers" of bears, so it got my attention.

the premise was this little town that was on "bear alert" and having a bear problem, essentially they were seeing bears, kinda like I do year round!!! So it starts out on how "dangerous" the bear is and how the town is on high alert, yadda, yadda.

Then a husband pulls into his yard, gets out of his truck and yells over to his wife who is with his daughter and says he just seen a bear and it did not go up the trail they usually use so it must be right in the woods.

Startling music comes on (thought I was watching Jaws) and the mother sticks her daughter under her arm like a baby bird and they "race" to the house. The mother comes out with a rifle just short of a .50 BMG and heads to where the bear was seen.

Now I am kinda skeptical at this point but I don't know anything about the big brown bears so I keep watching. She goes into the woods and "tracks" the bear and then pulls up and shoots. of course they did not show her going up to the bear, they immediately take us to them hanging up the bear.

Now, as stated I figured this was on the big brown bears, which can indeed be dangerous, what she shot was nothing more than a year and half old black bear that was probably less than 4ft long!!!

All this suspense over a bear I could of killed with a knife! then they play it up how much of a threat this animal was, etc.....

Now I don't live in Alaska but have heard Paul mentions some of the rules on just shooting animals, even if they are a threat. It seems you need a darn good reason to just shoot a bear. she just grabbed a gun and killed it, and technically, all it did was walk through their yard for 2 seconds. SHE hunted it down and then just shot it.

I have had bear bigger than that on my doorstep! I have also been very close to them many times and never felt threatened. I have the feeling this show is nothing but drama. Oh, they used about 10 men to get it out of the woods when one could of just put it on his back! My rant is over! God bless.
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