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My .308 86gn HP LFC
Old 01-11-2010, 12:08 AM
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Default My .308 86gn HP LFC

You probably remember gitano's thread on using LFC projectiles in his .308.
I took alot of this on board and decided to give it a go myself.

My usual hunting load for my .308 is a 125gn Nosler Ballistic Tip, 43gns AR2206H.
I thought that a light load might be more fun, (and less expensive) than using BT's all the time and for rabbits, foxes, goats and even small pigs these little projectiles could be just the thing.
I found some .308 86gn HP's made by "The Bullet Factory" http://people.aapt.net.au/~nelltash5/bullet%20factory%2002/index.htm and purchased 100 of them to see how they would go.

Here is a .257 85gn BT, the Bullet Factory .308 86gn HP, Rem .308 125gn SP, and .308 125gn BT.

And a loaded cartridge compared with a 125gn NBT.

Gitano used 4227 in his loads. I have AR2205, about the same but Paul suggested I start at 37gns. Just me being carefull but I decided to start at 36gns and work up in .5gns and shoot them at 50 metres.

The 36gn target:

The 36.5gn target:

The 37gn target:

I really want to do better than this if I can. The 4x scope cross hairs cover alot of the target at 50 metres so that doesn't help, neither does the 99's heavy trigger. My rifle has a history of vertical stringing, that I can live with.

I'm going to get another scope for the Savage and shoot the whole thing over again but this time with loads down to 34gns, just to see how it goes.

And on a final note, I was using Winchester brass for most of the loads. When I changed to Highland brass to shoot another 37gn group the rifle gave an almighty "BANG" and the projectile never hit the target. I struggled to open the action and when I finally did I saw that the primer had blown. Way too hot for Highland cases. Just shows that you can never be too carefull.
p.s. I was aiming at the lower target, the lighter projectile are hitting some 15cm higher than my standard 125gn load.

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