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Ponsness warren
Old 03-27-2016, 12:39 AM
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Default Ponsness warren

Went to the Calgary gun show today. Extremely dead in there today. It's the biggest gun show in Canada. To me you could see the low oil prices and what it has done to my Alberta home. Everyone that we asked said it was the slowest lowest sales Calgary show they had ever attended. Anyhow found a guy that had a pair of ponsness warren 375 loaders there I bought one of them it was in 12 guage which I already have one but I will get a 28 guage tooling kit for it. I paid less that the price of a ring to quickly change guages for a 375. The shot gun loading bench will look kind of neat now.lol. I need to spend some time in my loading room both to load and setup a few things and organise a bunch of stuff in there. I have got four of them for just a tad bit more than one new one. I like the idea of them all working the same way. The loading procedure is the same less to think about that way. I find them quite easy to make a good looking crimp with. Other things there that were of interest I saw a side by side 16 guage muzzle loading shotgun. There was a fair over under in 28 guage that was nice good price but more than I had to spend. There was a 218 Ackley improved bee in a Bruno bolt gun I liked that gun the guy wanted 1200 for it I felt that was way to much. There were a number of sour ( lol cannot remember how to spell it) rifles there including on colt version. There were about dozen Holland and Holland double rifles a couple of Wesley Richards double rifles. The custom rifle maker out of cranbrook British Columbia Hagn had a table. Oh my true beauty. Single shot falling blocks starting at 14 000 up to 45 000 perhaps the best fit and finish I have ever laid eyes on. He has a web site that some of you may want to look at. Then the totally useless rifle I really wanted to buy. I got his card just in case. A fellow there had a custom 505 Gibbs built on a Bruno zzk602 action with a beautiful stock. Which was interesting in some ways it looked like it was built out of zebra wood but I don't think that would be meet strong enough for a 505. It came with about 50 pieces of brass. He wanted 2500 for it. It was well done muzzle heavy which I like a large but pad lots of area to spread the recoil on your shoulder over. A barrel band for the front sling. The pistol grip was played back well setup so in recoil it would not bite your finger. I would guess about twelve plus pounds. Three cross bolts for recoil through the stock one behind the back action bolt another behind the recoil lug and a third one down the barrel a bit I am guessing a second recoil lug. Folding leaf rear sights. Really nice wood to metal fit really well polished metal work with a perfect bluing job. I want that gun bad! I will think it over I would never need but I always wanted a stopping rifle. Then a man can dream about an African safari. Even if some day I could afford to go there the only one of the big five that I would be interested in hunting would be a buff. The safari that would most interest me would be the tiny ten. The rabbit sized deer hunt would be neat. Speaking of rabbits that perhaps maybe the true use for a 505 Gibbs. I am thinking the killer rabbit you know the one where the bones of a thousand men lay strewn at the entrance to its lair! That truely is a funny movie. Well that was my day at the Calgary gun show.
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