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Probably the final range report from AK on the .338 MAI
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Default Probably the final range report from AK on the .338 MAI

Went to the range a couple of days ago, and shot the .338 MAI among others. Results as far as precision, muzzle velocities and chamber pressures were just as expected. Therefore, I'm about 'done' with the workup on this rifle. I see no need to shoot any more other than for practice, and since this is John's rifle, I don't really need to be "practicing" with it.

Below are targets and graphs from shots with 160 grain Barnes "X" FB, 200 grain Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip, and Nosler 210 Partition. The 200 and 210 shoot about the same, but the 160 is poor, to put it nicely. I'm sure I could fiddle with the 165 and get it to shoot better, but I'm not particularly interested for some reason. I didn't shoot the 175, but given the other three's consistent performance, I wouldn't expect it to deviate from previous performance either. The only bullet below 210 that I haven't tried is the Barnes 185 "X" BT which is coated. I was pleasantly surprised with it's performance in some loads I worked up recently in a .338 Win Mag.

Anyway, here are the stats, and the targets follow.

160 grain Barnes "X" FB
59.0 grains of N-150
Average Muzzle Velocity - 3170 f/s
Group Width - 3.86"
Group Height - 1.76"
Max SPread - 4.24"
Area of 95% Prediction Ellpse - 99.77 square inches

200 CT Ballistic Silvertip
54.0 grains of N-150
Average Muzzle Velocity - 2823 f/s
Group Width - 0.78"
Group Height - 0.92"
Max SPread - 1.20"
Area of 95% Prediction Ellpse - 11.04 square inches

210 Nosler Partition
53.0 grains of N-150
Average Muzzle Velocity - 2733 f/s
Group Width - 0.51"
Group Height - 0.81"
Max SPread - 1.00"
Area of 95% Prediction Ellpse - 7.24 square inches


OBTW, the lowest left 4th hole in the 210 group was the first out of a clean bbl. As I stated in the thread about the 7x300, I don't include fouling shots in group size calculations. If you want more justification, please go to the 7x300 thread.

PPS - It's REALLY annoying when the THL image editor rearranges the images to suite it's whims. I'll see what I can do to get the target images in the order I want them instead of the order the manager wants them.
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