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Brithunter 06-10-2006 08:56 AM

Well I picked up the new ride
Hi All,

Well we collected the Cherokee and of course it has a few issues :rolleyes: but then again as some folks keep reminding me it is 13 years old. It's a 1993 model and not a 94 :o got it wrong again Dad! :rolleyes:. The load cover is missing as is the windscreen mounted Rear view mirror and the washer bottle is missing the cap. Have ordered a new cap and two key blanks as it only came with one key each for the fuel cap and ignition. Also missing is the keyless entry remote so I will enquire about a replacement one when I get the cap and key blanks.

Tried a specialist breakers online for the washer bottle cap but they wanted nearly as much as the local Jeep dealer does for a new one :frown so new it is :D .

Now I just have to get it up to scratch, like do an oil service and put new plugs in with a new air filter. Am thinking of having the transmission fluid changed as I don't know when it was done last.

Now it's very confortable :D and the interior is in good shape over all although the leather has lifted off the dash instrument pod and we will have to see about getting that fixed if possible. The stereo is missing so I need to get a new one some time and when the took it out they scratched the leather on the dash trim and pulled the wood trim loose :rolleyes: , yesterday I re-glued the wood trim back down and cleaned and fed the leather on the seats.

One question for you Jeep owners ................. this one has the 4.0 Hi Output motor and a Limited slip diff. When pulling away gently and turning slow or slowing gently to a stop, it sounds like some rubber is rubbing and squeaking at the rear. The car had been standing for some tme and I notice the outside of the exhaust is rusted (will brush it off and paint with exhaust paint) and the rear spring covered in surface rust. Now will treating the springs and rubber bushes in them and the hangers quieten down the squeaking ? or is it someting in the rear axle diff I should be investigating and worrying about . We can always return the car for a refund although if I can sort it easily or get it sorted easily I like it so would like to keep it.

Ahhh also on full lock it sounds like a tyre is rubbing? tyres are 225/70R15 Goodyear Eagle GA on Jeep alloys, is this normal? Sorry but 4WD and Jeeps are new to me :confused: .

Jay Edward (deceased) 06-10-2006 09:24 AM

Re: Well I picked up the new ride
Welcome to the world of Jeeps BH. I hope you'll throw up a picture of yours when you get the time.

Wish I could help you out on the question but all I've ever owned were old Jeeps.

In about 1970 I bought a 1947 Willys Flathead 4 with a Koenig Iron Works half-cab. I put 'hubs' on it and it was all I ever needed. 45-50 MPH in 3rd with all the bolts tryin' to come loose.

I had briefly owned a 1960s CJ-2 but I wasn't happy for some reason.

In 1968 I bought a brand new Jeepster Commando and it was really slick. Wish I had it or the '47 Willys now... but I got the itch for an MGB Fast Back.

Never had any trouble with the wheels on any of them but did chip a tooth on the '47 Willys in 1974. I used it out in the deep woods (where I lived for about 5 years) and finally got talked out of it by an engraver. What a waste.

I reckon there are any number of good 4X4s now (like my Chevy 1/2 ton) but just the name 'Jeep' used to make a feller think about grinding through the mountains lookin' for the perfect spot to set up Elk camp.

rockinbbar 06-10-2006 10:24 AM

Re: Well I picked up the new ride

If you are pulling away gently, in 2WD & the rear end sqeals the tires, then you need the have the rear differential checked. It shouldn't do that. It could mean that the rear end is "stuck" in limited slip...

If you are on a hard surface in 4WD, & it makes the front-end squeal & hard to manuver, that is normal....

The tires should NOT rub, in that size. In that year model, you should even be able to go to a larger size & not rub. 31x10.50 tires may rub slightly as you turn as tight as the steeering will allow you, but 225's shouldn't even come close...

You might check & make sure you have the factory wheels. If they are not, then you might check into getting wheel-space adapters, because it sounds as if the offset to the hub is too close. A wheel to hub adapter will allow the wheel to be out from the hub, & increase the space that allows the tire to rub.

That is about the limit of my experience on the matters you brought up. Hope it helps some....


Brithunter 06-10-2006 01:24 PM

Re: Well I picked up the new ride
Hi All,

Well rockinbbar,

the squeal is not the tyres slipping on the road surface, I did that earlier pulling out into traffic a bit sharply and got a squeal off the tyre briefly as it's been hot here for the last few days, about 80 degrees, no this sound is a creaking squeak :confused: like somethings tight? I went down the the marsh earlier in it and stopped on the rise over the dyke. The road is a half rounded hump here and as I pulled up very slowly onto it it creaked and groaned and again as I slowly pulled off. Cold it does not do it only when warm it seems:confused: yep I am confused.

Now Jay I took a couple of pictures earlier but with the sun up high got lots of glare off the paint so I parked it out front on the grass side of the road and will wait for the sun to drop a little and try again. Whilst I was trying to photgraph it earlier I thought that the front wheels looked out of alignment. Think I need the tracking checking so phoned the local tyre place only to find they closed early :rolleyes: so tried another who said not today but tomorrow morning. Hmm so I asked if being a 4WD was a problem and they asked what it was then went off to talk to the "fitter :rolleyes: " who said no they can't do it as Jeep Cherokee is not listed on their charts :eek: :rolleyes: :mad: . So next week now I will have to find somewhere which does know what to do :rolleyes: . Later I will also check the air filter although the readings from it's vehicle test are good I put 60 ($108 US) worth of fuel in it which didn't fill it up, the guage got to just above 3/4, and have done just over 200 miles and the guage is below 1/2. I need to find some part time work or cut my driving :p . OK it's a new toy so I am checking it out:p and apart from that noise it runs well, smooth quiet. I even tried engaging the 4WD drive down by the marsh this afternoon and it seems to work. Need some rain then I will try in on the field and see if the front wheels drive like they should. . Gas is $7:84 per Imperial Gallon, Diesel is $8 US per imperial gallon :( the real plus side is that Dad gets into the Jeep well and out of it really easily this is one reason why Mum thought it was good idea to get it. We can put up with the fuel consumption , well we think we can but only time will tell for sure so fingers crossed.

rockinbbar 06-10-2006 01:30 PM

Re: Well I picked up the new ride
The squeak COULD be the brakes...??

Brithunter 06-10-2006 06:46 PM

Re: Well I picked up the new ride
Hmm dunno as we went for a 20 odd mile drive this evening and when I got home got down on the ground and put my hand on the brake drums and they were cold, as was the axle near the wheels, the diff was warm and the transfer box too hot to bear your hand on. I am thinking I need to get it on a ramp and have a good look around underneath and spray those dry springs and rubbers with silicone or something. photos are in the speed forum.

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