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Brithunter 03-30-2005 05:44 AM

The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Hi All,

Thought it might be better to start off a new thread with the new look Baikal single shot rifle. After spending about a day or so re-shaping the wood, staining and applying a coat of BLO it looks like this :-
Old Look for comparison

So what do you think ????????????

To my eyes it's looks slimmer, sleeker and flows more with the lines of the stock matching the lines of the action. I am not too keen on the wood colour and if it does not darken down some with more oil, then I will strip the oil and possibly paint it like a synthetic stock for now until funds permit wood replacement.

RatherBHuntin 03-30-2005 07:57 AM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
I think you have made a world of differecnce on those stocks. The forend is 100% better IMO. THe pistol grip on the reat is much nicer as well, with the grooves you sanded out and all. Very Very Very nice job. You gotta be proud of the way it's turned out so far. Have you had any thoughts of taking it back down and staining instead of painting if you dont like the finished color?

Brithunter 03-30-2005 08:39 AM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Hi RatherBHuntin,

I have just got off the phone with a gunsmith who has told me to get some stuff from the chemists which will darken the wood and turn it more reddish, so I will get a-hold of some of that and give it a whirl after all I have not got a lot to lose and it may end up with a true oil finish, we will have to wait and see how it goes.

Oh I am glad you think it's an improvment, I wondered if it was just me wishing it to be so :o I can see what Jay means about that comb line not. perhaps it could have done with the front of it dropped a little.................. Oh well :rolleyes:

Edit :-

Well got the cyrstals and I am soaking the stock in Nitro-Mores paint stripper now to remove the BLO I applied so fingers crossed ;)

fish 03-30-2005 08:54 AM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
much more sleek.

LLANOJOHN 03-30-2005 09:04 AM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle

Looks mighty good to this ol' country boy! Your efforts were indeed an improvement!

Ol' John

Brithunter 03-30-2005 01:20 PM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Hi All,

Yhankyou for you encouragement :D Now just wait until you see the next installment ;) Doing as i was told to do, I went to the chemist and brought some " POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE" cystals. Put about 1/2 a teaspoon in a small jar and added approx 100 ml od water and mixed it up so the crystals fully disolved and then painted in ont eh wood folowing the frain. This is a vivid Violet colour, I applied tow good soaking coats then wiped and rinsed it off with cold water. the rad the hair dryer over the wood to quickly dry the surface. The wood has not bee wet long wnough to soak it up, the Permanganate solution dries quite quickly and apparently unlike stains it actuall changes the colour of the wood fibres to a reddish brown.

Once it was dry a wipe over with some 400 grit Wet N Dry to flatten down any raised grain and then a final burnish with 600 grit Wet N Dry. I then applied (which is still soaking itn/drying a coat of ALKANET ROOT OIL or Red oil as it sometimes known. The results already to my eyes at least look 100 times better than that stained finish. That darned stain cost me over 4 and the potassium crystals only 1:11p, that a quarter of the price and a much...................... much better result :rolleyes: Now it just needs several coats of Oil. This stock appear to be dry as the first application ofthe Alkanet oil has almost dried in the time it's taken me to type this out :eek: I am feeling beter about this rifle evey minute.

Now the trigger is the only thing I really need to sort out on it :D for it to be about perfect. Hmm this has gotten me thinking now, let's see how much it would take to convert on of them shotguns, I am thinking maybe a 6.5x53R , The thinking is that we can cut off the barrel and sleeve the rifle barrel into the barrel lumps like the Russians have done .............. OK John your thoughts on that

Hunterbug 03-30-2005 09:20 PM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Looks good. You should bring it over when you come elk hunting and we'll hook up and chase a few coyotes. ;)

drinksgin (deceased) 03-30-2005 11:21 PM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Are the Baikal shotgun actions the same strength as the rifle actions?
I ask this because the H&R-NEF rifle and shotgun actions are very different and a rifle barrel cannot be fitted to a shotgun action, though a shotgun barrel can be fitted to a rifle action.
Does England have hardware stores with oil and water base dye preperations [aka wood stains] available?
Tung oil mixes are available here at good prices and can be used easily on stocks.
Don ;D

Brithunter 03-31-2005 02:08 AM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Hi drinksgin,

Yes I walked with the dog down to our local hardware store, it's one of the small old family type ones and has just about everything in stock. It' known for quite a distance as the place to get those hard to find things that you ahve always sed but the big superstore don't think you need or use want a Aliminium kettle for the stove top or campfire, you'll find one at Arthurs'. That's not the name od the shop, but the name of the guy who used to run it.

Anyway I brought some water based stain which prooved not to be much good, they also has oil based stain but that said apply only one coat and I might need to do more so. Any way I should have saved my money and got the potassium in the fist place, funny how the old methods are often the best. Rather than spend more money of an oil finish, I will have to use what I already have, which is a little Walnut oil preparation for Gunstocks and some BLO.

Once the light gets better I will take another photo of the stock in it's new colouring, weather has turned dark and damp. overcast and rainy. You almost have to have the lights on indoors and it's 08:00, when the cloud lifts it's light but 06:30, that's how miserble it is just now

Now as to the action strength, well until I carefully examine the shotgun ones I am not sure, but it sure looks the same so far. They are massivily overbuilt for a shotgun which is typical of the Russian Baikals. Infact it's often joked that's it's about impossible to wear a Baikal out, don't forget they were designed for years of hard service with minimal maintenance form poorly educated Russian peasents. Not born of the throw away era, just like the Russian nagant rifles solidly built ans effective in operation This is one reason why I am thinking of lightening the hammer in the rifle, it's simply far more massive than required, but at -40 degrees that huge hammer might just make the difference in working of not, but as I am never going to be found in those tempretures I will lighten it to gain a little more speed and a reduction in lock time. As it is I have already reduced the hamer spring a little but dry firing it the hammer hits home so hard you can see the scope shake. If nothing else in theory it should help accuracy with a shorter lock time but only time will tell on the range.

The Handi-Rifle is an exposed hammer design, I was not sure so I went to the HR site and took a look, not sure I like the exposed hammer designs styling, I suppose I ahve been brought up of "hammerless2 designs and styles, this Baikal reflects the styling of the "British" style of shotguns which I am more familar with so I suppose it looks more "right" to me

Edit :-

Here are the new photos as promised

A much more natural looking colour don't you think.

Jay Edward (deceased) 03-31-2005 12:12 PM

Re: The Newly re-Modelled Baikal .222 Rifle
Looking good BH, looking good.

I wonder if a fella could weld on to that triggerguard spur to create a loop type lever? Uniqueness is a good quality.

Another method I used in the past is a propane torch, with a light hand, to bring out the grain.

Sleeving rifle barrels into shotgun break actions is a fairly common practice over here BH. Cheap way to make up a double barrel .45-70 Govt.

Interesting project.

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