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RatherBHuntin 04-03-2006 10:03 PM

Most Accurate .277 Bullet
I was wondering what others consider to be accurate bullets and/or have had good results with. I've been shooting 130gr Speer Hot Cor Spitzers in my .270, and since I'm working up new loads since it's recent facelift, am considering new bullets. Shooting at southern whitetail and rarely a hog or varmint that shows it face. Most shots around 100 yards, so I don't "need" boat tails or ballistic tips necessarily, but am not opposed to using them. Trying not to go full blown premium with this so am thinking:

Nosler and CT Ballistic Tips, Partitions and Accubonds
Sierra Game King and Prohunters
Speer Grand Slams and Hot Cors

Any other cheap to midgrade pills I'm missing?
What's the most accurate medium game bullet out there?

Gmoney 04-03-2006 10:40 PM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
Well Glenn, from your description of your hunting conditions, hunting with a .270 for deer and hogs within 100 yards, at our southern whitetails the choices of bullet you mentioned would all do the job....

You don't need a Partition and they're expensive...

In your situation I tell you what I'd do since we hunt in similar .264 a ballistic tip does a wonderful job penetrating, in fact I've never had one stay IN a in .277 I imagine similar results would occur.

I'd get you some Nosler ballistic tips, I've only shot a few pigs with ballistic tips but I've had the same results results on piggies as I have on whitetails. Never recovered a one...this is in .264 of course....

Now with such impressive results with the Sierra HP, I'd say try those out in your .270 but I want to field test them for myself before I comment on how they do on deer and such...

However, John had used them on deer for a long time and he swears by them for whitetail.....

Hope this helps....Greg

RatherBHuntin 04-04-2006 07:43 AM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
Yea, as plenty of folks have said, most any bullet made today will perform well, at least terminally. And there are some 200 and 300 yard shots available, though only a few. The part I am concerned with is the accuracy. Some bullets will just inherently be more accurate, and some wont, like the monometals. I have even seen at least one gunwriter say that his belief is that the powders used makes little differance, accuracy is primarily a feature of the bullet, which I don't really think is entirely true. Surely the powder comes into play.

I also assume that different guns will like different bullets just as they do the rest of the load. Which is why I was hoping to get plenty of replies in order to have a better sampling.

klallen 04-04-2006 08:19 AM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
Before the AccuBond (AB) came out, Ballistic Tips (BT) were all that I used in my rifles dedicated for deer use. I've had wonderful results with them. Not a single complaint. They are extremely accurate in every caliber class I've used them in and as the name indicated, very ballistically sound. Important to me. Maybe not so much if your shots are of the closer nature as you have indicated. By the way, I'm currently using the 130 gr. BT in my .270 Win. handload.

As available, I've changed over all my handloads to an AB and as more choices are introduced appropriate to the cartridge I'm using, they will continue to replace the BT. As with anything new, ya gotta use it to see what it's all about and I'm really gaining a solid trust in these bullets. They offer everything ballistically and accuracy wise that I've come to expect from the BT's with the added toughness of a bonded core. I'm hoping a 120 gr. or 125 gr. .264 AB is the next one out. Going to be a nice bullet for the .264 WinMag. Good luck in your search for a .270 Win. bullet. >> klallen

M1Garand 04-04-2006 08:24 AM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
I've loaded most the bullets you've mentioned with various powders in my 270. The load I normally deer hunt with and have had great accuracy is the 130 grn Sierra Pro Hunter. I load them for one of my brothers as well and we've both had great results on deer as most the ranges we shoot are <200 yards or so. Last fall at the range with a friend of mine, I let him shoot my 270 with that load and first shot, he shot a golf ball off the post at 100 yards. So much for the 270 not being accurate..
Other bullets I've gotten good accuracy with are the 130 grn Sierra Game King, Speer Hot Cors, the 130 grn CT BST, 140 grn Nosler Accubond and the 130 grn Hornady SP & SST Interbond. So far the highest velocity I've gotten with the best accuracy was with the CT BST. At just over 3000 fps, I obtained a 3-shot group of .65" CTC with RL-22.

Gmoney 04-04-2006 10:46 AM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
Sorry Glenn, in my ramblings I did not even mention accuracy......could not get hot-cores to group better than 1 1/2....of course I could have played with it more.....

Ballistic tips and Sierra HP's have been super accurate for me in my Savages...

RatherBHuntin 04-04-2006 04:25 PM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
Greg, thats also the best accuracy I could get out of Hot Cores, reliably. I just got back from the range and shooting a batch of Nosler Ballistic Tips. Also picked up a box of Grand Slams that will get loaded at some point. Couldn't find any CT Ballistic SilverTips which is what I intended to try, and passed on the Partitions at $22 a box.

Just eyeballing the target, the best group is about 3/4" at 3074 fps, average group was probably an inch to an inch and a quarter with 58.9gr to 59.9gr of Hodgdon 4831SC. Looks like there is about another .120" of freebore to play with. I'm starting to feel better about this rifle, after getting mediocre results with Winchester and Sierra bullets and bunches of powder, I was losing hope.

sakorick 04-04-2006 05:04 PM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
I reload 270 ammo for my brother and a friend. The friend's BAR likes the Pro Hunters and brother's Ruger likes the Nosler BT's and CTBT's. Both are serious deer killers. I would try a boattail and a flat base and see which one works best in your rifle. Regards, Rick.

RatherBHuntin 04-04-2006 06:17 PM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet
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Rick, the HotCors are flat based and they didn't work to well. I tried some 110gr Pro Hunters and they also were no good. Here are the Noslers. The average of 6 groups was 1.39".
58.9= .779"
59.1= 3.043
59.3= 1.028
59.5= 1.491
59.7= 1.258
59.9= .748

I really want to shoot that 2nd group again, 59gr with the Speers gave a group half that size. Also want to shoot a 60.1gr group and see if 59.9 is what I want to go with.

sakorick 04-04-2006 08:08 PM

Re: Most Accurate .277 Bullet may be that your 270 because ot the twist and a host of other reasons, likes a heavier bullet. Those groups are....well...not good. Jack O'conner liked the 130's......I'd try them. Keep in mind, the 270 has never been a national match caliber. Your rifle might like th heavier bullets. Regards, Rick.

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