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Lost Hunta 12-19-2004 07:30 PM

rossi centerfire singleshots
Does anyone have one? Less $$ than the H&R but hows there accuracy?

drinksgin (deceased) 12-19-2004 08:26 PM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots

I have seen several Brazilian guns, none seemed to be very well made or finished, several sites have comments on them, all are non complimentary, the NEF-H&R 1879 are better looking, at least some, and a number of satisfied owners have commented on them in a favorable manner for their accuracy and reliability, as well as the ease of getting extra barrels in different calibers and gages for a very reasonable price.
I would do the safe thing and buy American.

Flatlander 12-20-2004 12:09 AM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots
I like the savage ssi it's economically priced a decnt looking gun a real good as far as I 'm concerned in accuracy I have a 30-06 and wouldn't trade it for a lot of the higher priced rifles

fish 12-20-2004 07:10 PM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots
go nef handi-rifle. then go to to learn how to tune it. i've had several. got two now. they'll do.

drinksgin (deceased) 12-20-2004 11:05 PM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots
Type in "NEF Rifles" in search, this site is VERY informative, go through all of it.
Don. :D

kombi1976 12-21-2004 07:55 AM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots
Ummm, nothing against you guys who love NEF rifles, but does anyone actually know how the Rossi shoots?
I've heard lots of folks say the Handirifle resembles a canoe paddle and that they're pretty rough round the edges and I might say that there hasn't been much more than that said here about the Rossi.
Besides, I live in Oz and the Rossis are about 2 3rds the price of a NEF. I have no access to NEF's wonderful barrel program and I really want to know what AUD$300 worth of Brazilian rifle can do!
So let's cut the "Buy USA!" hype and get down to business!
What are they like on a bulls eye from 100yards?

drinksgin (deceased) 12-21-2004 09:59 PM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots

It is always in a person's best interest to buy merchandise made in one's own country, just as a matter of self interest.
I would expect you to do the same, even to the extent of drinking Foster's:D .
You do drive a Holden, or other OZ made vehicle, don't you?
I have looked at several single shot sites, the Rossi sites are all for Rossi, the H&R-NEF are all for H&R-NEF, the more or less unaligned sites have a lot of posts about crude or second rate copy of H&R-NEF, all are agreed there is very poor support for interchangeable barrels from Rossi.
Comments range from"junky, a waste of money " to" really great, once a little work is done on the wood and a trigger job and some decent sights installed".
I do not have one, I have handled several at gun shows, I was not favorably impressed, even by the '92, '61 and '63 clones, which are actually quite far from cheap.
I am not going to buy one, voting with my dollars.
H&R-NEF are much more accessable for shooters in America and have a wider choice of accessory barrels available at a very good price.
This is not the case in OZ, so you really should find some people who have Rossi rifles in OZ and get their opinions.

kombi1976 12-21-2004 10:40 PM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots
Drinksgin, I think perhaps you may've misinterpretted my meaning.

When trying to ascertain the worth of a product on it's own merits I don't think it's nation of origin should matter. Those people who like SKS rifles, K-98s, Sakos, CZs and many brands of Italian shotgun aren't held back by the fact that they're made in Europe.

Yes, I do drive a Holden, but only because it's a re-badged Isuzu that was, for the record, made in Japan. Quite frankly I'd rather drive a Ford or better yet a VW if the product and price was right.
No, I NEVER drink Fosters....why do you think we export the stuff? :D

There are plenty of things right with the NEF but most people end up doing some work on the trigger. I expect nothing less from the Rossi. They're really cheap rifles.
As far as the barrel program goes for the 2 companies I'm not eligible either way. If I lived in the States I'd be buying a NEF too, just because of the advantages but that isn't the question.

For the record I've asked a number of people here in Oz how the Rossis perform and they're just as in the dark as myself.

So please can someone, whether they live in the confines of the USA, in deepest, darkest Peru or at the North Pole for that matter (maybe Santa uses one to hunt polar bears :eek:), please let me know how it groups!! :confused:

LLANOJOHN 12-22-2004 07:17 AM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots

I certainly wish I could be of help but haven't had any come thru the shop so I am also in the dark as to their accuracy potential. My apologies, neighbor!

Ol' John

PS--Whats wrong with Fosters ? Certainly drinkable and I outta know based on my experience of years ago.

drinksgin (deceased) 12-22-2004 11:25 AM

Re: rossi centerfire singleshots
Any idea why the OZ'ies I know call it "KP"?
Don't suppose you recall the world famous"Valley Royal" beer from the early '60, made in Mercedes?
Only made 3 batches and had to give away the first and third.:D

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