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Squirrel 03-21-2006 12:37 AM

7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
I need some help my fellow hunters and shooters. I am in the market for a bolt action deer rifle and I was told to go with the .30-06 calibur because it shot flat, the ammo was cheap and it has good knock down power out to 300 yards, which I need. I did some research and found that the 7mm-08 has the same ballistics, there about, and it has less recoil, which really impressed me. I would like to know which would you all recommend and please share some experiences.

Lastley, I need a good gun manufacturer. I see that Winchester has a pretty good price on there rifles and so does Remington. Savage seems to have the better deal because their's come with a scope mounted and sling. I picked up a Savage in the store one day and the bolt action sound like ****. When I openned the chamber it went Clackeedee Clack and the same when closing, Clackeedee clack. The other models were very smooth with no sound what so ever, can't beat Savages package deal. Which of the three if any would you guys choose to shoot Wally The Wall Hanger with????



Hunterbug 03-21-2006 02:20 AM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
WOW, that's a boatload of questions. I am going to answer your question as asked and not start recomending 27 other calibers that you didn't ask about. I love the 30-06. It's killed everything on the planet and has done so for 100 years. The 7X57 which is the ballistic twin of the 7mm-08 has done so as well for 110 years. But if it were me I would most likely buy the 30-06. I am assuming that you do not handload and for the 30-06 you can find ammo anywhere. You also have many options as to bullet weights and even reduced recoil loads. Also ammo is not very expensive.

As to which rifle Winchester is no longer making the model 70. I have yet to find a Remington 700 that I want to own. I have owned one and shot a couple and I do not like them. They don't fit me well and seem to have more recoil for a given round than other rifles. Also the new Remingtons from what I have read have horrible nonadjustible triggers. Savage has a reputation for outstanding accuracy right out of the box and this I can personally attest to. I shot a Savage 12 BVSS 22-250 at the range that a guy had just gotten and I put 5 rounds that you could cover with a nickle. Good luck with your decision and let us know.

Brithunter 03-21-2006 05:31 AM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
Hi Squirrel,

Well Hunterbug has given good advice. From what you have said you do not like the Savage rifle. Obviously you were not impressed by the feel of the action on the rifle you tried however before you make any final decisions may I suggest that you try and handle a few of each of your choice of makes and models and then choose which ever feels the best to you and the one that fits you the best. hen raised smartly to the shooting position the rifle which fits you should come up so that you head and eye align with the sighting system.

You should not need to move your head at all to find the sights. Now if recoil is a concern then perhaps you should follow your gut and go with the 7-08. Both cartridges will perform well on game given that the corect type of bullet is selected. personally out of your choices I would plump for the old 06. Never even shot a 7-08 but as I have the 7x57mm I cannot see any reason to have a 7-08 :p .

I should say thta I am surprised aout the Savage being so clunky though as the only one I have really examined which was a plain wood stocked model 110 was quite smooth and for the price was a real bargin. If I did not already have the .308 it was chambered in then I would have seriously considered buying it. Oh it was a use rifle and the price was about 120 ($216) and that included steel Hilver bases already fitted.

Daryl (deceased) 03-21-2006 06:50 AM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
Both of these cartridges will take deer reliably out to 300 yards. The 30-06 will likely do it with a bit more authority, but they'll both work. If recoil is a concern, I'd likely go with the 7mm-08.

As far as your choices for rifles, it sure seems that the quality of new rifles has been deteriorating over the last several years. Like you, I find the Savages to be a bit clunky feeling. That said, they're said to be extremely accurate, and are well liked by those who shoot them.

I haven't owned a Remington rifle in many years, but those I've owned/shot seemed well made and were fairly accurate. With Winchester closing down their American plant, it's unlikely to find one of those, although I really like the model 70 action and trigger.

I've been doing a lot of hunting in the last several years with a Browning A-bolt, and though it's not pretty with the synthetic stock and matte finish, it's always served me well. I've always been able to get sub-MOA from it, but recently started messing with loads...just for fun. I found one load (similar to the one I've been using, but with a shallower seating depth) that gives me nice little clover leafs at 100 yards with 145 grain Speer Grand Slam bullets (7mm Rem mag). I'll be using this load in the future!

As far as a relatively inexpensive rifle, I'd take a look at the CZ line. It'd cost a small fortune to come up with a similar quality rifle by an American manufacturer, and the accuracy of mine (.17 Rem) is outstanding. It took me a while to get used to the exposed/removable magazine, but I really like these rifles.

In the end, it's really up to you and what you like, but those are my thoughts for your consideration.

Take care,

RatherBHuntin 03-21-2006 08:30 AM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
My choice would be, in this order
Savage in a wood stock, without the package deal (if you can spare the extra $50, plus the $50 you'll save by not getting the package, buy your own scope)
Remington 700 in a synthetic ( I have one in a youth model in .308, should be real similiar to a 7-08, I love it. Added a recoil pad which pushed the length of pull back a half inch)
Savage in a synthetic (ugly, but will shoot amazingly)
Remington in wood (just the most expensive option)

I have handled a few CZs, though never shot one, and was impressed. Would like to shoot one sometime.

M1Garand 03-21-2006 06:41 PM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
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Good advice from all, I think either one would be a fine deer rifle. Do a few web searches and read up on both and make a decision. I know guys with both calibers and they are all very happy with them. I think my top choices that are reasonably priced since Winchester is no longer making the M70 are (in no particular order):

1. CZ 550 American
2. Tikka T3 Hunter
3. Browning A-bolt

sakorick 03-21-2006 08:10 PM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
Hello Squirrel. My vote goes with the '06. I also like the .243, .257, 6.5x55, 6mm-'06, 25-'06, 6mm-284, 6.5-284, 6.5x'06, 270, 280 rem, 7mm Mauser, 7mmSTW, 7MM Rem Mag, 308, 8mm Mauser, 338-'06 and the 35 Whelen. The 7mm-08 seems to be a fad at present and has no advantages over any other 7mm cartridges IMHO. I also like the Ackley versions of all the above. I am also a sick puppy who loves rifles.

I would rate the 7mm-08 as Ok but it would not be at the top of my "A" list. As Brithunter posted, the 7mm-08 is just a 7mm Mauser wannabe and really doesn't perform as well. The good old '06 100 years and going strong and is what all the others are measured by.... and you can get good ammo anywhere....and I do mean anywhere. If you are trending towards the 7mm caliber, the 7Mag is king of the hill. Now that you are totally confused, I'll cede the floor to more rational posters. By the way, the '06 is good to 400 yards and beyond. Good luck and regards, Rick. :D

RatherBHuntin 03-21-2006 09:31 PM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer

Originally Posted by sakorick
The 7mm-08 seems to be a fad at present and has no advantages over any other 7mm cartridges IMHO.

I would rate the 7mm-08 as Ok but it would not be at the top of my "A" list. As Brithunter posted, the 7mm-08 is just a 7mm Mauser wannabe and really doesn't perform as well. Good luck and regards, Rick.

Couple of points based on facts.
*Much easier to buy a new rifle in 7-08 compared to 7 Mauser
*Yes, used rifles can be had in 7 Mauser, as they can in 7-08
*Factory Loads are in favor of 7-08, by 100-200 fps
*more than a fad, as Remington, Tikka, Sako, and Browning are selling their new rifles chambered in 7mm-08 rather than 7x57 Mauser
*more factory loads are available in 7-08 than 7x57, though exponentially more are available in 30-06

Couple of opinions
*I wouldn't pass up on a 7x57 if I found one, new or used
*I wouldn't pass up a 7-08 if I found one, new or used
*I would take the 7-08 over the 7x57, all else being equal
*I would go with the 30-06 if I were going to use it on anything bigger than mule deer or farther away than 300 yards
*Aint nothing wrong with not liking a Chevy because it's a Chevy, but don't try to convince others to hate them for no other reason than you do

Gmoney 03-22-2006 01:00 AM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
I find it hard to go against a cartridge like a each their own but here is my thinking other than the fact I prefer the 7-08 to some emotional level since it it the same case as my beloved .260 :)...

Rick, if it is a "fad", I'd say ammo is readily available, brass is easy to come by and/or formed, and the recoil is light, you'd have to say the 7-08 has the "advantage" over the Mauser based on your previous statement about performance being equal, or there-aboutsl....

You may have an "emotional" bond to the Mauser and not the 7-08 but if they are equal in performance, or close enough, you have to say the 7-08 has the advantage b/c of the reasons listed above.

That said, if I go higher than the .260 I'm going much higher than a 7-08......

Either an -06 of a Win-mag....

To each their own, if I would not have bought a .260 then a 7-08 would probably been at the top of my wish-list.....

Brithunter 03-22-2006 05:10 AM

Re: 7mm-08 or .30-06 for Deer
Hmmm well I ahve not looked at new rifles for some time as most of the old regulars know I like the old classic rifles :D . I as I said do not have nor have I had any personel experience of the 7-08 as I have several 7x57 rifles likewise as I have a couple of rifles chambered for the 6.5x55 Swedish cartridge I have no interest in the .260 either. Being in the UK we do get a lot of European rifles and it seems that they all offer the 7mm Mauser as a chambering and in fact a friend has just recently brought a Blaser 93 Professional in 7x57 :cool: in fact I let him have a couple of boxes of bullets to try reloading with for it the other week some 139 Flat Point Hornady's and some 175 grn Remington's. have no heard how he got on yet though.

Rifle choice is also very personal, my take on it is that you pick the one which fits and feels the best to you, that is unless you have a real dislike to a particular make :( , and I find it seems to work as a rifle you are confident in and is comfortable seems to shoot better for you :p .

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