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babbyc1000 03-19-2007 07:30 AM

spring has... reverted!!
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just thought you guys might like to see the view that greeted me this morning when i got up.... :Banghead:

this time last year i was running around in shorts and t-shirt, clearing out the old garage! anyway it kinda put paid to my plans of re-sighting in the scope on the 10/22 after bh sent me some lower mounts, i tried to go out anyway but you can see what the fields were like - 2 ducks took off from the front one when i came back to the house, theyre all flooded now with half melted snow/hail :frown

if that wasnt bad enough, a strong snow flurry or shower of hail stones was hitting every couple of minutes. i was using a bright orange traffic cone at 50 yards as a target, the cone wouldnt even stay upright with the strength of the wind, and i could hardly see it when the snow was hitting. so as you can imagine i didnt do much zeroing, i fired off 10 shots and hit the cone each time, dont know what the groupings like but at least i know the scopes aligned right. ill go out tomorrow maybe or the day after for the fine tuning. :confused:

worst thing about it was that the rottie pup hurt her leg last night, vets not sure but it could be broken, so we had to travel 10 miles by car through the country lanes to get to the vets this morning. in a mini cooper. yep thats right. a mini. it took us almost an hour to get there. we near went off the road several times as well with ice and half melted snow. but of course the girlfriend knew what she was doing when she bought it last year instead of a landrover 4x4 as we'd agreed - "sure the roads around here NEVER get so bad that youd need a 4x4" was the argument i got whilst i was standing with a wood axe poised to smash up the car. but as we all know guys, women are ALWAYS right! :biggthumpup:

Gunslingergirl 03-19-2007 08:02 AM

Re: spring has... reverted!!
We got a late season snow storm here this morning as well. Lots of dense snow and slush and ice. We usually get a St. Patrick's Day storm, so I guess it just held off for a few days.

Glad you guys made it safely to and from the vet.


babbyc1000 03-19-2007 08:29 AM

Re: spring has... reverted!!
just about! well have t head back out again later to pick her back up (if they dont keep her in overnight...), but luckily the suns out now and the snows melting, tho theres a few ominous clouds hanging around.... ;o(

Jay Edward (deceased) 03-19-2007 10:55 AM

Re: spring has... reverted!!

Originally Posted by babbyc1000 (Post 59407)
spring has... reverted!!

Surely you jest! The sun is out in the Valley of the Clark's Fork so ALL MUST be right with the rest of the world.:)

In another week Hunter Ed starts for the Spring hunts. I'll be tied up nights all week next week and I have two classes to give in other towns up river but the year is starting off right enough. The two classes up river are Bowhunter Ed and that gives me a little break from the firearms part.

Another conference tomorrow and that will keep me out late. It's a busy time of year.

Woodworking today, I reckon. I still have to get the cassettes ready for the presentations... that and the 4H meetings we are committed to. If all goes right, and the river don't rise, I should be able to golf a little this year.

Hope you all are enjoying the chancy-ness of Spring. Life wouldn't be interesting if we lived constantly in the land of Lotus.

babbyc1000 03-19-2007 01:38 PM

Re: spring has... reverted!!
well the snows mostly burnt off now, so everywheres just extremely wet. one good point is that i got the spare batteries for my spotlight, so i might go pay mr fox a visit tonight now its up and running again!

Gunslingergirl 03-19-2007 05:13 PM

Re: spring has... reverted!!
Yeah, a lot of the snow has melted here as well. That's good because the roads were awful this morning.

recoil junky 03-21-2007 01:23 AM

Re: spring has... reverted!!
S'posed to snow tonight . I'll not put the snowmobile away just yet :biggthumpup:


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