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buckshot roberts
02-17-2006, 02:22 PM
Look they come out with new stuff, each year for turkey hunting, just like chokes, each one is better than the other, "the only choke you'll ever need", So they say, yep some ck's work better in some model shotguns, it's always best to Pattern your shotgun, with the same shell, and ck you are goint to use, see what your get'n in the kill zone, I've takein turkeys with a cyl bore, mod, and just full, over the years, Some ckokes can go for around $10 dollars to over $80 bucks, It's just how much you would like to put in one, here are some pages that show you whats out their,and some patterns,with different brands of ammo, This one is the best, http://www.wadwizard.com/Patterns.htm at showing different shell,ect.

And a few others

"A Tip"
When your moving into the woods in the early morning darkness, keep a close eyes on the tree tops for that turkey silouettle, you dont want to the mistake of getting into position, just to have a turkey see you 20 feet down and fly off.:rolleyes: