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buckshot roberts
04-21-2017, 09:12 AM
I see that this type of decoy has become quite popular this season you sit behind it or walk to the bird your calling in. my state has one reported hunter injury from using this item and from what i read the hunter was shot by other hunter during opening weekend while call from behind this type of blind :oops:. I guess it's best not to use this on public land, your thoughts on this

04-21-2017, 10:27 AM
They are getting popular! There are some amazing YouTube videos of them being used. However, it's difficult to imagine that a shooter could mistake one of these for a real bird.


buckshot roberts
04-21-2017, 10:58 AM
Paul i checked on the story, and the reporter made it out like it happened in my home state but it was in Kansas.

According to this report from The Joplin Globe, three buddies were hunting new land. Two of the shotgun hunters began searching for turkeys on one side of the leased private property, and the other man started hunting elsewhere on the land. Somehow they ended up moving into each other’s space. It appears likely that they were calling to each other, both parties thinking that the other was a real gobbler. While two of the hunters hid behind a turkey fan on the edge of the woods, the third man shot at the fan, hitting his hunting partners.

According to the news story: “Sheriff Dan Peak said the sheriff’s office learned of the matter when the shooter drove the two injured hunters to the hospital in Girard with potentially life-threatening shotgun wounds to their faces and upper bodies. They later were flown by medical helicopter to Freeman Hospital West in Joplin

04-21-2017, 11:52 AM
I still can't imagine making that mistake. I've seen a bunch of those decoys, and all of the ones I have seen I think, "How could a bird not realize that's 'wrong'? They must REALLY be 'focused' on breeding!"

Those guys that got shot are going to be scarred for life. IF THEY LIVE! AND SO IS THE GUY THAT SHOT THEM! A truly sad story. A dear friend of mine - 23 years old - was killed in a "hunting accident". Left a new bride and 6-month old daughter. Just because he, and the guy that shot him, did stupid things. Terry - my friend - would have lived if the event hadn't have happened in the Alaskan wilderness. Terry lived for 12 hours. Those in his hunting party could do nothing but watch him die. Bled to death on the beach waiting for the plane to return. Two days later.

Shooting accidents KILL people and DESTROY the survivor's lives. PLEASE, for your own sake, and that of your loved ones, PLEASE, PLEASE be sure of your target.


04-21-2017, 12:02 PM
Here's a link to one newspaper article I found on the matter: http://www.parsonssun.com/news/article_84ea535e-1fc7-11e7-bb26-9bfd6518961e.html

And the text of that article:
GIRARD — Two out-of-state turkey hunters received wounds on their faces and upper bodies on Wednesday morning after a fellow hunter mistakenly shot at a decoy they were hiding behind.
The injured turkey hunters, who were not named, walked out of the field and were taken to Girard Medical Center for treatment, according to a release from the Crawford County Sheriff Dan Peak. They were then transferred by air ambulance to Freeman Hospital in Joplin.
The sheriff received a call Wednesday morning of two men with shotgun wounds at the Girard hospital. They had been turkey hunting west of Girard with a third man, also from out-of-state. They had leased private property and that’s where they were hunting at the time of the shooting.
A sheriff’s deputy spoke to the person who shot the hunters. The man reported being dropped off at the hunting area about dawn. His two acquaintances were going to a nearby location to hunt.
At about 8:40 a.m. the man said he shot at a turkey that he had been “calling-in,” but realized immediately after firing a single 12 gauge shot that his two friends had been hunting the same turkey. The two hunters who were injured were just inside of a wooded area, wearing camouflage and laying behind a turkey fan made of turkey feathers. The fan gives the appearance of a decoy turkey and the subjects could not be seen by the shooter, Sheriff Peak reported.
The victims were hit with shotgun pellets in the face and upper body. The hunter who shot them rendered aid and both hunters walked back to their truck, from which they were transported to the hospital.
The three hunters knew each other. One is a good friend of the shooter and the other is the shooter’s brother.
The investigation continues into the shooting.
Call the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office at 620-724-8274 if you have any information.

If they were able to 'walk out of the woods', it sounds like they will survive. THANK GOD. Just imagine how all three of them and their families feel right now.

These stories never affect me in a 'good' way.


buckshot roberts
04-21-2017, 12:41 PM
wow, Paul that's sad about your friend, I let two guy's hunt my place this past deer season one day and found out it over six came out, i only found this out after i got a call from one of them saying that someone had just walked into his line of sight, and i'm out at day break and find out i got four guys, two gals, and a kid trying to hunt on five acres:stop:..Ron

Paul Hoskins
04-26-2017, 05:10 AM
It's difficult for me to imagine shooting a "turkey" or anything else without knowing EXACTLY what it is. It's even more difficult to imagine anyone being stupid enough to hide behind a decoy while hunting turkeys or any game animal. That is begging to be shot. As my son puts it, it's a good way to stop sucking air. .....Paul, that's a real bummer about your friend dying while on a hunt. My hear goes out to his family. .....Paul H