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01-22-2005, 05:07 PM
Hi All,

Not quite sure if I have mentioned this one:rolleyes: Well this afternoon I went over to the paddock and tried it out with the S&B 196 Grn SPCE ammuntition I ordered. Now I only ordered 2 boxes as I want to just try it out and see how it shoots, plus here in the UK it's darned expensive stuff. In the US I know that you can get it from $8.95-$10.50 per box:) but here it's $34.20 per box:eek: ......... yes that's not a mistake $1.71 per bang:confused:

Well I am pleased to report that the P-H seems to like it, recoil is pleasent all I need to do is now get hold of a Chronograph and see what velocity it's giving and then find a nice obliging Deer to test it on;) A nice big Fallow Buck would be just about perfect methinks:) the group I shot today is 1 3/16" for 4 shots at 95 paces which pleased me no end. This rifle although brought NIB had terrible stock to action fit and was very poor grouping indeed. I have since bedded it still using a pressure point near the fore-end tip on the light barrel, fitted with a Leupold Vari X 111 in Leupold QR mounts the rifle weighs around 7 1/2lbs an seeing as how I brought a couple of boxes of these 196 Grn SPCE component bullets for handloading I am hoping that this will make an excellent rifel for larger species like Elk;)

02-13-2005, 01:54 PM
Hi All,

Well this afternoon I drove over to Bisley camp as I thought the Sporting rifle Club had a range day:rolleyes: Oops got it wrong even though I reconised some of the guys there. Anyway I went up and spoke to them and even though it was the wrong club they said I could check the zero of the rifles I brought along once they had finished playing with some rather nice classic rifles at 50 yards.

I wanted to try the P-H 1200 again with the S&B ammo from the bench this time. As the importer sent two boxes form different batches I also wanted to check that they shoot to the same point of aim, which I am happy to say that they do. S&B's quality control must be pretty good on that point. I shot 5 rounds from each box, the bench rest is 104 yards from the target and I used a NSRA 20 yard pistol target which the kind gelntleman running the show had put up but said I could use:D the Black bull on this target is 3.450" in diameter. Using my Russian 20x spotting scope I saw that the first shot was at half past one a bullet diameter in from the edge of the black after I had shot all 10 the group was 2.278" across it's largest side and 1.849" across the other way. The wind this afternoon was blowing hard, hard enough to topple my rifle off the folded slip placed on top of a piece of railway sleeper that I was resting on:eek: gusts of about 40-50mph but the normal wind was about 30 mph not the best conditions for testing ammunition:rolleyes: Tempreture was about freezing but the sky was bright with dotted cloud, it hailed a little and tried to drop a few flakes of snow.

The group is slightly right but the wind was from the left so I left the scope adjustments alone, looking at the group, it has strung slightly vertically so perhaps although I have improved the rifles grouping there is still room for improvement yet. Now I am thinking of turning it over to a professional to sort the bedding out once and for all as I am pretty sure that tweaked properly this rifle ammunition combination will group within 1 1/2" perhaps even about the 1" mark, but as it is it's good enough to hunt with for sure:D

Next experiment is handloading some of these SPCE bullets and see what they do?

02-13-2005, 10:00 PM
Good stuff BH. Next time take a camera. :)


02-13-2005, 10:32 PM
Hi Gitano,

Well I saved the target and I will scan it, I also ahve a couple of pictures of the Fallow Buck from the roadside which is in my freezer now! but I have to move the computer back where it belongs and hook up the scanner and printer first. During the problems with my ADSL connection I had to move the computer across the room nearer to the phone socket before the engineers would do anything:rolleyes: and I ahve not gotten around to moving it all back again as it means shifting furniture:rolleyes: :confused:

In fact I have saved all the targets have been shot with this since playing with the bedding again and there's definately light at the end og the tunne:D Oh did I mention the neat round holes these bullets cut? just like a wadcutter:cool: