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09-30-2009, 06:43 AM
I'm very into my wild caught and gathered foods in a big way mainly most of our time we can be found down the beach bum up head down lol... doing the VERY dangerious sport .... Laverbread & Sea Lettuce hunting :biggthumpup: (I'll post on sea lettuce soon).

Here's my first post I ever did on Laverbread below with new information on my experiment at the bottom :smiley:

Quite hard to get hold of in most areas of the UK I have found unless you buy it in a tin or are lucky enough to have a fishmonger that can get you some fresh from the freezer...

We are lucky enough have loads of this Black Gold growing off the rocks in Rhossili Bay and a few other Bay's so I decided to to do an experiment and have ago a processing it myself.
Below are the pictures and the details of making it

What you'll need:-
A Big Pan with a lid
Fresh Lava Bread (I picked enough to fill a small green grocers bag after squeezing excess sea water out)
A Large Bowl
A Colander
A Mincer

Squeeze laver bread thoroughly to remove excess sea water place in the sink or a bowl of fresh cold water leave to soak overnight changing the water several times.
Once again squeeze the laver bread and place in a big pan of boiling water (about a kettle and a half full). Simmer for around 4 ˝ - 5 hours (it can be pressure cooked for about 1˝ hours apparently but I haven’t tried this.)
Stirring occasionally to prevent it sticking the laver will look “gloopy” and quite thick and soft.
Over the sink drain the laver in a colander leave to cool then squeeze the laver well to remove the excess “gloop” (I use my hands for this but I was advised to place laver in a tea towel to squeeze out the gloop).
Place your laver in a hand mincer and mince (or simply chop if you don’t have a mincer) season with a little salt.
Shape your laver into small cakes before rolling in oatmeal and frying until cooked in bacon fat (Rich insists it must be home cured bacon fat!).

I have a few good recipes for laver bread I’ll add to this post later.



This post is dedicated to my old camera R.I.P (I sorta killed it takeing these pictures cos' of the steam from the pan on the boil for 5 hours :undecided: )
* No Welsh People I force Fed This To Where Harmed or Poisoned In My Experiment ROFL ROFL ROFL "

***I've come on somewhat since I posted that infomation and perfected a simple was of processing Laverbread

Wash as above well, add few small grains of Potassium Permanganate baught from most chemists leave to soak for 1/2 hr and rinse thouroughly until the water is clear (this removes any nasty's in the laver)
Squeeze out excess water and place the laver in a vegtable steamer for 1- 1 1/2 hours

http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/509604/3158_87065745118_571035118_2962657_.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/509604/3158_87065745118_571035118_2962657_.jpg)
http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/509605/3158_87065785118_571035118_2962663_.jpg (http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/509605/3158_87065785118_571035118_2962663_.jpg)

After it has cooled chop or mince using a hand mincer not a blender as the blender will break lol...
Season with a dash of pepper and vinigar, careful on the salt tho!
Your lavers now ready for bagging up for the freezer or the recipe you choose to use it in.

Here's last weeks batch me and Richie and his friend "Jess" collected on her first ever "Forage" with us will post that story soon :smiley: we made all this batch of it for his work friends I encluded a simple Recipe sheet because belive this or not lol! even though it is a Welsh National Dish none of his Welsh work mates knew how to cook it!!! :undecided:


Ive got allot more information on Laver to add if your all intrested will post it later ?