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12-29-2004, 10:03 PM
HI Every one.
What are your veiws on the TIKKA T-3 LIGHT in the 270wsm. I bought one and I am still
undisided if I got the right cartridge. I all ready have a 270 win, Browning a-bolt. Both
rifles shoot exellent. I find that with factory ammo, 270 wsm alot more rifle than the 270win.
But with good reloads theres not much differance. (I only load for the 270 win at the moment ) I think the heavier bullets 150,160grain bullets the 270 wsm would be better.
SO what do you think http://thehunterslife.com/forums/images/icons/icon2.gif

12-30-2004, 08:21 AM
Hi Bchunter,
In my opinion the 270 wsm should be right in line with the 7mm Remington Mag if you load the 150 and 160 gr bullets.

I have done a lot of loading for the 270 Win and it is an easy round to load for. I had a Browning A-bolt in 280 AI. I sold it because I was so limited on the oal .

12-30-2004, 05:56 PM
Cant tell you much about the cartridge, but a bought the T3 lite a few months back. Great rifle! Mines a .30.06 and has served me well. Have fun with it


01-22-2005, 08:52 AM
I wrote this for another guy but cut and pasted it for you:

I had a TIKKA laminated/stainless waiting for me, but because of recall on stainless barrels I ended up with blued barrel/synthetic stocked .270. I love it!!! It is light enough, short enough, good looking, points nicely, rings were included, trigger is easy to adjust(do it 1st time with stock off to see what you are doing, then 2nd time adjust thru magazine opening), little recoil, and shoots 1" or less!! I don't handload and found Winchester Ballistic Silver Tips 130 gr. most accurate in my rifle. It is a great rifle and the price is awesome. Scope: I think your too high in power. 4x12 ok for varmits, but deer 3x9x40 is more than plenty. PA, WV...30 to 100 yard shots usually. With 50mm obj. stock rings won't work and your head will be too high for proper sight alignment. I have a $200 Vari-X I 3x9x40 and it is plenty. On my T/C .50 cal. stainless/lam I had a Vari-x II and hated it. Got a III. It was ok, but $400. I found a silver/black Weaver Grand Slam at Cabela's (catalog says $319 for some reason, but operator on phone said $269) and I like it better than the III and it looks awesome. Would match you lam/SS for sure. I am going to get a .325 laminated/stainless TIKKA for elk/hog when they come out, but I am going with a silver/black Zeiss Conquest for the 4" eye relief for $400. I also use Weaver Polar Caps on my scopes. (They beat Butler Creek). Your 7mm choice is PLENTY for deer. .270 or 30-06 is plenty for sure. No elk in PA! But, caliber is what you like, so I won't say you are wrong. .270WSM seems like it is doing well too.
Hope this is a big help. I have never done the forum deal, but saw you needed some info. I guess I am a member now! Good luck!!!!!!
PS I wondered too if I should have gotten a .270WSM but since I don't reload I was a little affraid of not finding the right load/bullet for my gun. Old .270Win has many more to choose from. If you already have a .270 you will end up selling whichever one you like least. I think you did good.