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12-28-2004, 12:44 PM
Hey guys and gals,

Thought I'd drop in and say howdy and give everyone an update to what I have been up to....calling has been slow so far this year....the full moon has really hindered any fast action as well as my ability to hide from the moon in my truck....I'm sure critters have been able to see my moonlit truck before I can get their eyes.....

I have been using a new lens on my light this year.....I have been using a blue lens instead of a red lens......it is amazing how much better you can see the outline of the animal which allows for much quicker ID which in turn makes for a quicker shot.....They are extremely hard to find here in cen-tex but I would recommend to those who have never used one to try them out....they are much better than a red lens.....

I've been doing a lot more mouth calling this year than I ever had before.....The first time I went out this year I had a good response so it has given be new confidence...they are just so much more diverse with their sound than electronics....

When I have used electronics this year it has been a new and awesome product......my calling buddy so far this year has purchased a new backpack looking set up...I believe it is made by Lohman but don't quote me on that one....It weighs 2.5 lbs and is remote controlled....it uses a chip instead of a traditional CD or cassette....It is nice to be able to go set it in a bush and then start it from the truck.....very nice....

I have been out a few times with the .204 but the moon as mentioned before has not been helping....all I have tested it out on has been a skunk that was stealing stuff from the house.....put it this way...from 30yards the skunk flew 3 foot in the air.....however I will be able to attest to the other things this little bugger can do.....this may bring up controversy so readers beware....lol

A buddy of mine has been using this cartridge for deer this year and all I can say is wow....by the way this little screamer has more energy out at 300 than many of the .22 centerfires prementioned by some of my threads....5 deer have succomed to this cartridge and all 5 were dead before they hit the ground......

I have never been a big fan of the Hornady V-max's but given little other choice for this caliber right now......all deer were shot in the neck and all five never knew what hit them....from distances ranging from 50 to 280 yards these deer were harvested....
All five entrance holes were button sized and none of them exited.....what I was amazed about was the demolishing of the neck region......all 5 deer bled profusely without an exit wound....this is exciting news for varmint hunters.....

I have seen alot of cartridges perform a number on deer but wow....this little screamer is absolutely deadly...I cannot say enough about its accuracy, the lack of recoil, and its deadly ways....

After the first of the year the moon should be cooperating a little better so I'll be able to try it out on some real varmints and will come post the results....

Good to chat with ya'll again and I'll be settled soon so we can chat a little more about our hunting adventures and new things we have been learning....

Ya'll take care now...Greg

12-29-2004, 12:24 PM
So have you found any hunting areas around College Station?

Jay, any chance of you doing a Standard Cartridge post for the .204? I am guessing you dont have it in your reloading books, as its so new, but any other sources?

12-29-2004, 12:54 PM
Jay, any chance of you doing a Standard Cartridge post for the .204? I am guessing you dont have it in your reloading books, as its so new, but any other sources?
It sounds great and I have so many questions... not sure if I need a 'basics' forum or if I should just continue to embarrass myself and save other novices the trouble.

If I was more patient I could better pretend I wasn't so uninformed, and search out answers for myself -- but I'm more like someone who found water in the desert. And I keep running into the same thing - this sport's websites tend to assume a lot of basic knowledge, and the ones which don't I've only found by asking around here and others posting links for me.

So, thanks Jay for the information and please keep-it-a'comin'! My question of the day is: if they design a cool new cartridge (new size) - then don't they have to design a cool new gun to fit it? Or vice-versa?

Thanks again and BLESSINGS!!!

Daryl (deceased)
12-29-2004, 03:43 PM

In response to your question:

Not necessarily.

The .204, while a new "cartridge", isn't really based on an entirely new cartridge case. The .222 Remington Magnum is that parent cartridge, which simply means the the .204 is the .222 rem mag case necked down to accept a .204 diameter bullet rather than a .224 diameter bullet.

The .17 Remington that you've likely seen me post about is the same cartridge case necked even smaller to accept a .172 diameter bullet.

In order to make a rifle for this cartridge, they need only drill out a barrel blank to fit the cartridge and bullet diameter, and then attach it to the action that already accepts the same sized case as the others, along with the .223 Rem, .222 Rem, .221 Fireball, and many others. They all utilize the same sized bolt head and the same length action, so it's not too hard to put the whole thing together.


12-29-2004, 04:24 PM
Don't know a whole lot of folks Glenn but give me a few months....lol....they have more coyotes up there than we do in Mason.....