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12-26-2004, 02:40 PM
[[edit - POT PIES! YEAH!!! ]]

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Turkey sandwiches -

I was taught young ;) to add Lawry's Seasoned Salt and lots of mayo.

Newer twist is to put the stuffing and/or cranberries right in the turkey sandwich and if using cranberries, glue it together with cream cheese!
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Omelette ~ breakfast.

mince the turkey and use lots of onions, a little cheddar; maybe a little bacon. Heck, toss in the green beans or asparagus... Stuffing and gravy on the side, optional. If you really did make asparagus with hollandaise skip the cheddar cheese and pour the hollandaise over the omelette, leftover rolls, or toast.

Baked potatoes left over? scoop out and toss in the fry pan for hash browns. Don't forget the garlic and cayenne. Or make potato pancakes with those ... (Rice left goes in the soup, as does the corn.)
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Turkey on it and in it, grated cheese on top optional. Make it SW with chips, olives, salza, sour cream... Or put the entire thing in a taco shell.

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Soup, of course.
Leave bones and all in the crock pot for three days, scooping out what broth you need to cook with.

Turkey soup, with or without rice/ potatoes /veggies, or a Taco Soup with olives, salza, etc and a dollop of sour cream on the top of the bowl with a sprinkling of cheddar.

[This broth can be used to make more gravy which you can use to make creamed turkey over toast, too.]

Keep adding water to the crock pot as necessary. After three days toss everything else in and feed to the dogs, pouring over whatever dry food or leftover rolls or...

By three days in a crock pot, even on low, the bones have softened completely. I check by mashing a bit with a spoon. The marrow just falls out. Oh, yeah and the kitties tell me, forget the dogs, put it in their dish!

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Most of this will work for any meat left over. But not the bone thing; I have no idea as I've not been patient enough to cook down beef bones etc. Half-cooked they are more splintery than raw.

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