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Sandhills Guru
04-30-2008, 11:45 AM
I got a call from a guy out of Lincoln, said he wanted to get a turkey, had a couple days to hunt and wanted to know what I could do for him. Well....
I said come on up and we would give it a hard try at least.

Headed north early Monday morning to some ground up on Missouri River. We pulled in just after sunrise a bit late. First thing we see is a show of toms struttin their stuff headed up a far hill. We looked to the ridge, same thing. The hills had gobbles coming from all directions. Too late to get on these where they were at, I said lets get to bottom of this big valley, park, and get out in front of them hopefully.

Here is where it gets interesting, as we pull into bottom of this big valley, off to the left stands about 20 mule deer, cool enough. We go over this little ridge and there stand, 10 elk! It looked to be 9 cows and one herd bull. Reason I am thinking this, the one stayed off to side of the rest about 30 yards and when he moved he moved with the utmost grace. We managed to get some pics of them and I will get them up soon. (need to find my cord to down pics off camera again)

Back to turkeys, this guy has two tags, one archery/one shotgun. We couldn't get out in front of those birds I mentioned before due to terrain. I made a guess as to where they might be headed and we set up. A couple calls and we had 2 or 3 toms answering back. A couple more and one is coming fast. And I mean fast. He pops out 15 yds out from where my hunter is with his bow. The tom is in full strut, big huge gorgeous bird. The tom is putting on his show for the decoys, he pics up movement from the guy getting set to shoot. He putts a couple times, freezes, arrow flies.... MISS! Tom drops back into woods, I call again, he gobbles back a couple times, go silent and is gone.

We work the ridges get a couple more gobbles this am but henned up toms and they are not interested in leaving the hens. Afternoon he switches to shotgun. Toms answer to calls but with hens and not too interested in leaving them. We spot a nice set of three toms with 4 hens. I call to them, they go into strut mode immediately, move a bit from hens but go back. Finally I said you got to go for them, its a perfect spot to put a stalk on. I stay up on ridge to watch the birds as he goes in after them, from where I am he can see me and I can motion to him if they move and what direction. The group drops just over a ridge but I can see their heads still. He is within 50 yds, 30 yds, 15 yds, but they are just out of sight over the ridge from him. He is ready looking where he should, I call again from atop the ridge, up pops this nice big purple/red head, bang. Bird on the ground. Nice tom, 8" beard, weight estimate at about 20-21 lbs. 3/4' spurs. Mature hybrid Merriam. This bird has been fighting and it shows on his fan, but still a good fan.
We set out to fill the archery tag again, but the turkey gods say no to this day, we roosted some birds and was set for the next morning.

But then come morning they aren't there? Something kicked them off the roost after we watched them. We beat feet up to get into a route we had observed birds taking the day before. We are 40 yards from getting to where we want to be. And up pops the heads over the ridge of the birds coming. A hen flies up on these hay bales we were headed for, she spots us of course and they move off. The toms have shut down, no gobbling going on anywhere around us. I figure it is due to a front that moved in during the night, seen this before. We attempt a couple set ups, no luck, mid morning he is happy and says he needs to go.

I come to find out this little day and a forth hunt had more meaning that I was let to know. The hunter bagged his first turkey ever, he bagged it with his dad's old winchester chambered for 2&3/4" shell. One year from the day his dad passed away at an early age due to cancer. His dad and him had turkey hunted a time or two before, but never got a bird. They hunted deer together for many years successfully but not turkeys, that day before he filled that final quest finally with his dad present in the form of his old shotgun.

I felt very honored to be part of this quest.

bowhunter 51
04-30-2008, 10:48 PM
That was a pretty-good story, Sandhill'......Wish I had turkey huntin'
like that, but it's altogether different here.....I don't think there is as
many turkeys either, for that matter....Thanks for sharing.........BH51....

Sandhills Guru
05-01-2008, 07:44 PM
That was a pretty-good story, Sandhill'......Wish I had turkey huntin'
like that, but it's altogether different here.....I don't think there is as
many turkeys either, for that matter....Thanks for sharing.........BH51....

You come on out, there is always room for one more in my camp. Seriously!:)

buckshot roberts
05-02-2008, 12:06 AM
:biggthumpup:Hey thanks for you post enjoyed reading it, we still a few day's left here in ol' kentuck, it's not looking to good here, but my get lucky. Ron