View Full Version : My Grandaughter and I took a walk

04-08-2008, 09:51 AM
Yesterday evening. She just turned 8 in March. She got her first gun this Christmas. A little" pink" 22. It is the cutest little rifle. Ya'll have probably seen them. She hasn't shot it much yet maybe two to three times. We entered the small holler that splits the fields and has a small stream running through it for most of the year. Our outing was to look for the morrels that should be sprouting at any time now. We didn't find them and was looking for pretty rocks making our way up the stream. We sat to rest a bit and I heard a turkey. I drawed her attention to it and she says that's a dog barking granny. Of course she wasn't too keen on sitting still for long and she suggested that we slip on down stream so we could hear better. I agreed after educating her some on the keen senses of the turkey. So we slip farther down the stream getting a good laugh on the way as she stumbled over a log and made a big crashing sound. We didn't make it far when I stopped and told her to listen. Something was coming off the hill through the woods making alot of noise. I took her shoulders and we knelt down behind the brush with her crouched in front of me. We waited only for a few seconds and sure enough out they came single file. She counted them in a whisper , 1,2,3,4,5,6 and I told her to look at the small beards only about 3 to 4 inches in length. They crossed a small opening and out of sight. We then eased up to a standing position hoping to see them again, we did and they spotted us and gave the alert , putt , putt , putt and up the hill they went. She said to me ...granny your shaking as I was still holding her shoulders....we had a good laugh and I explained to her the excitement of getting that close to a wild turkey. We had a good walk back out to the four -wheeler talking all the way. She ask questions like... granny was you nervous when you first shot a gun? I told her yes, most people are and that would pass as she gets used to her gun. A big hoot owl flew over us as we made our way out of the woods.
Turned out to be a very good walk in the woods.......Our season opens this coming Saturday....I wish all of you who will be in pursuit of the wild turkey this year... calm nerves, straight shooting, good times and success whether you bag him or not. Yesterday will go down in my history as a success !!! :biggthumpup: Be safe !!!

bowhunter 51
04-08-2008, 11:05 AM
:) Sounds like you had a good walk, Antler3....Ya'll must be wrappe't-up
with turkey over there....back-water from the Mississippi has really
thrown a wrench in my plans....If'n I git me one this year, it will surely be
something of a miracle, I'm afraid...don't know much private ground in
tha' hills that I can hunt right now, so what little I do have at my disposal
I'm being careful not to disturb too much..luck to all.........................BH51......